Presenting: RDPY Angelo

RDPY Angelo

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
06/22/03 Black Eyed White
Standard  coat
Standard Ear

Angelo, is a sweet rattie. He is non confrontational. He avoids a fight at any cost. He is a whimp or baby actually. He is definitely breeding quality because of his extreme nonaggression tendencies.I bred him to Coco Puff and I've kept some of his offspring. Dusty Rhodes and LuSeal, Coco Pop and Coco Crisp are all his kids.

He loves to explore. He is the most limber of all my ratties. He can climb up and down anything. There is nothing he hasn't been able to maneuver. He is one of three ratties I take camping with me. He is also the rattie I took to the pop-up camper service center when he was a little guy and had him perched on my shoulder. The women at the counter freaked out over him being there, the sales guys, just came up and petted him. He of course is just looking around not letting anything bother him.

Angelo's health has always been good. Recently during his playtime he must of crossed over one of the girls cages and they must have been in a bad mood. They bit him in the tail.He cried and whined every time he'd go to lick it clean, it was really sad. He is such a good guy. It is healing up very nicely though.

Angleo Died on September 30th, 2005 of a heart attack. He was healthy right up until the end and went quickly. He waited for me to come home and hold him before he left. He took his last breath in my arms. He was a great monkeyminded rattie.

Pedigree for RDPY Angelo
Sire: RPDY Boo Boo
Black Berkshire, with nice head spot.
Grand Sire: Unknown
Grand Dam: Unknown
Dam: RDPY Marshmellow
Beige hooded, broken spine line.
Grand Sire: RDPY Tanner
Beige Berkshire w/o head spot.
Grand Dam: RDPY Camie
Beige Berkshire with irregular blaze.
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