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My Precious Pet Rat Babies


Our rattery is breeding pet rats for health and temperament first and foremost. We strive for well socialized, licky and kissy pets. We also breed for excellence in type, striving for nice size eyes and ears and quality coat types and markings, thus trying to improve the overall pet rat.

What is Available?

I'm currently not breeding or answering emails for reservations. If this changes I will let everyone know.

How to Adopt Ratties from Me

The PRE-Screen process...

Step 1. The first step in getting pet rats from me is to send me an email telling me you are interested in adopting. Please include the following information in your email:

Your experience with pet rats.
What other animals you have living in your household.
Any young children in your household, their ages.
Do you have a vet available to assist with health issues of this kind of pet?
Do you want males or females?
How many of what gender did you want?
Any preferences to colors, fur types, markings etc.
What city you live in.
Can you come to my location to pick up your pets.
Conversations about housing choices, foods and bedding will be created after your first email is received. I don't expect people who have never had this type of pet to understand everything about them. I'm here to educate people about everything to do with type of pet. There are no right or wrong answers. I'm just trying to get to know you better and to determine if your household would be a good home for my little fur buddies.

Once pre qualified you will be added to my reservation list.

Step 2. When I fill my reservations I do so based on how many of what gender I have available and how many of each gender someone has their reservation in for. I go down my list looking for people interested in a certain gender, or color and the people who have been on the list the longest will get first consideration as long as they keep in touch with me on a regular basis. If you get on my list and I don't hear from you for weeks or months but I do hear regularly from people not on the list as long as you I will give the reservation to them instead. The reason for this is, I would much rather give my pets to a family or homes where they are really excited and showing interest than someone who's just there but doesn't care enough to let me know they are still out there showing an interest. In the past I've had people get impatient and adopt from Petsmart or a feeder bin, or other ratteries, but they forget to remove their names off my list which ties up a spot someone else could have had. So the squeaky wheel gets the grease, lol.

Step 3. When babies are born I post this to my web site's Breeding Schedule page. At this point it would be a good idea to email me letting me know you are still interested even before pictures are posted of what is available.

As soon as you see pictures of the babies it's best to email me right away if you see any you like. I will reserve the ones you want based on who wrote me first that has been on my list the longest.

If you see the word "Available" listed under a picture of a baby rat it means no one has reserved it yet and you may do so. There are more people on my reservation list then I can possibly keep up with the demand, so it can take several months before I get just what it is you are looking for...but the more you let me know you are interested the quicker your chances of getting something asap.

So check this page often for updates and birth announcements, pictures, etc. Planned Breedings page.

Step 4. When you have made your selections I put the word "Reserved" and your name. You will need to supply a name for each pet you reserve from me at time of reservation. If I don't receive a name for your pet by the time you see their individual pictures posted I will be forced to choose one of my own. I no longer bug people about picking a name. If you don't volunteer your own special name I'll pick my own names. I have to have names for the rats in order to enter them into the database and create the adoption contract, so when people don't offer up a name all my adoption processes come to a halt which is very stressful to me. All ratties that have reserved by their names means someone has made a committment to purchase and pickup the rattie.

If you have any questions about my processes or policies please email me. Also my web site has an area called: Useful Info. In this area you'll find links to great places on the Internet to get more information about pet rats as well as articles I myself have written over the years. If you read all the information I've supplied it will answer the majority of the questions you have about pet rats and my operations.

You can also find a wealth of information in the section of my web site that houses My Store. I have write-ups on the products I use and recommend and you can learn a lot by reading the information found there.

Adoption Prices

Unless otherwise noted on individual litter pages my prices for 2015 are as follows:

Standard size ratties are $20 each.

Dwarf size ratties are $25 each.

I adopt in same gender pairs. The only time I'll allow a single rattie to go by itself is if it's proven you already have another rattie of the same gender to keep it company. Females especially need the company of a buddy. In the past I have let a single male go to some homes where the person or family had a tremendous amount of time daily, to spend with him...but more and more articles and research is proving that even males really do better psychologically with a buddy to keep them company. Therefore, I no longer adopt out a single male no matter how much time someone tells me they have to spend with him. I'm not trying to be a hardnose about this...just trying to be ethical.

The world of breeding is very political in nature. If you don't follow certain standards that others feel you should, you will be criticized.


Please do not email me to reserve a rat if you have males and female rats living at your house. I'm very strict about this rule. Also please note I only adopt my rats under a strict non-breeding contract. Rats purchased from me can not be breed. If you are not in agreement to my policies please do not write me to reserve rats from me. There are too many back yard breeders and unwanted rats in shelters currently. I have to take precautions so that I'm not contributing to this nationwide problem.

(FYI back yard breeders are individuals who are here today gone tomorrow types who only care about producing a pretty rat for friends and family. A devoted breeder cares about improving the whole rat species with correct genetics selection for health, longevity and temperament besides just conformation.) I'm not trying to be a hard nose, or mean, I'm just trying to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Thanks!

Please review my Code of Ethics. This article discusses how I operate my rattery. If you have any concerns with my guidelines please email me so we can discuss your concerns, thanks...

Delivery Options

My Mother passed away in the fall of 2013 so I'm no longer able to do adoptions from her location. My girlfriend lives in Lansing and is graciously allowing me to do the adoptions from her home.

I will be doing deliveries downstate to the Lansing area on the following dates in 2015:

Saturday December 26th 11am - 4pm
Sunday December 27th 10am - 1pm

Please make a note of these dates to help you planned which litters you wish to reserve from based on when they become available and when I might be able to deliver them.

If not enough babies are born for a delivery date to have enough people to cover the cost of my gas for the trip that date will be canceled. Mother Nature has the final say on all my breeding plans.

I do limited breeding during the summer months, but when I do have something available you will need to come to my location to pick them up. I normally only breed four-six months out of the year. There have been exceptions to this rule in past and maybe in the future...but that is my standard mode of operation.

I don't ship my pet rats. They can't be sent through the mail, this is illegal. Airfares are too costly and only Detroit Metro will take live animals on board. This is a four hour drive for me in which I would need my gas paid. There is a special transport case that needs to be purchased. They run around $40. The average cost to ship ratties by air could run $300. This just isn't feasible considering the lifespan of the animal.

I no longer will drive half way to meet someone to do an exchange as it is just too hard to do proper business from one automobile to another. I'm not in the business of handing over my pets and then driving away. I have contracts that need to be signed and copies made, which requires my printer. I want to spend some time with the people I'm adopting my pets to, other than the relationship we've established through email correspondences.

I want my customers and my pet rats happy and contented. I don't just sell pet rats, I'm trying to educate people about proper care and handling of pet rats. So I spend time with each and every person who comes to my home, showing them how to properly handle, care and bond with their pets. I want to make sure I've made a good match between the needs of the owner and my ratties. This assures both the new owner and their little furry pets will be happy with each other.

Additional Information

I do not sell mixed sexed baby pet rats to the general public, or brother and sisters. I only sell same sex pairs as I don't want any accidental breedings.

Your satisfaction is important to me. I do not adopt out pet rats known to not be in the best of health. I am a breeder with integrity. I reserve the right to offer a substitute pet, (or refund your money if that is not possible), if your reserved pet shows any signs of illness at the time he is to go to his new home. I also stand behind my lines genetics excellence. If your pet should die before it's first birthday and an autopsy determines cause of death is genetically based (heart disease, stroke etc.) I will offer you a replacement pet free.

I no longer will mentor anyone wishing to become a breeder. It is too time consuming and I've made bad judgments of who I'm mentoring in the past and don't want to put myself through that again. I will however work with established ratteries with healthy out crosses once I get to know you.

I require that the rattery have a minimum of two years of being in operation before I will allow them to have my breeding stock. Their lines must already have a three generation pedigree. I have a special breeders contract that will need to be signed and followed, this is because, in the past I've helped several people get started running their rattery just to have them close down within a year.

Usually if someone has run a rattery for two years, they've seen the life cycle of their animals, including the heart break of their animals passing on, and have decided they will stay with it. I need to protect my children's babies, they are like my grand children and great grand children to me!

Special Note: I will not offer any breeding stock to anyone I believe is producing them for wholesale uses or raising my lines offspring to be sold as feeder animals!

I do not want to contribute to the numbers of unwanted pets, therefore I will not adopt to anyone I think would use one of my pets for breeding a casual litter just to have some baby rats of their own.

I have a strict non-breeding contract that each person must sign and it's legally enforceable. Read this contract carefully to assure you can follow all provisions successfully. It's in place to protect my babies after they leave my rattery. You will be expected to sign it upon picking up your pets.

Adoption Policy

I adopt out under contract. Here is a link to my pet only contract so you may review what you will be signing in advance of scheduled pickup.

I also adopt out under contract for people wishing to acquire breeding stock if they meet my requirements stated earlier on this web page. Here is a link to my breeders contract so you may review it in advance of contacting me for stock, because if you aren't willing to abide by it don't bother contacting me to begin with.

I would like to encourage the rat fancy and people interested in it and not discourage them, but even so, my main concern will always be the well being of my pet rat children. It is very important to me that every pet rat that gets adopted to a new home have a happy, healthy life after they leave my rattery. Therefore, I will only place my pet fancy rats into homes and environments that offer all the components that will make their little lives thrive. If there is any doubt of this happening with a perspective buyer I simply will not sell my pet rat to this person. That being said, if you want one of my pet fancy rats, be prepared to go through a series of questions. I will also want to spend time talking with you and getting to know you better before I make a decision to sell any of my pets to you. I do not have anyone fill out a questionnaire, but I will ask the questions I need that are important to me, during our correspondences. These correspondences happen through our email communications.

My main concern for the perspective buyer of one of my pet rats is, that it be healthy, tame and people friendly. I've been trying to develop lines with these qualities first. I don't breed for colors, I breed for markings and uniqueness, such as the perfect capped, bareback, or hooded, Berkshire or Irish. I have a long way to go to get to that level of "perfection." My fancy pet rats have to be an excellent human pet companion first and foremost, the show aspects I'm working on are just an added benefit of my lines.

What is a dwarf rat?

Many people favor the size of hamsters over how big a pet rat can grow. But hamsters personalities and temperaments are not as nice as a pet rats. Pet rats are very social and friendly. They rarely ever bite their owners and if they do there is usually a "misunderstanding" or communication break-down between owner and pet. Therefore, dwarf ratties are becoming very popular because they don't grow any bigger than a hamster but still have the sweet dispositions of a friendly pet rat. Monkey-minded and curious, affectionate and loving, not like a hamster who is detached and anti-social. This is why I've decided to add a limited amount of dwarf ratties into my lines. Personally I still like the size of normal pet rats, but the darling little personalities of the dwarfs have won me over, lol. :>)

Current Years Breeding Schedule

Breeding Schedule for 2015 - This is my current years breeding schedule.

Past Breedings

Breeding Schedule for 2014 - Take a look at the past pairings here at the rattery. See the pictures of the darling babies that were produced!

Breeding Schedule for 2013 - Take a look at the past pairings here at the rattery. See the pictures of the darling babies that were produced!

Breeding Schedule for 2012 - Take a look at the past pairings here at the rattery. See the pictures of the darling babies that were produced!

Breeding Schedule from 2011 - Take a look at the past pairings here at the rattery. See the pictures of the darling babies that were produced! :>)

Breeding Schedule from 2010 - Take a look at the past pairings here at the rattery. See the pictures of the darling babies that were produced! :>)

Breeding Schedule from 2009 - Take a look at the past pairings here at the rattery. See the pictures of the darling babies that were produced! :>)

Breeding Schedule from 2008 - Take a look at the past pairings here at the rattery. See the pictures of the darling babies that were produced! :>)

Note: I've been breeding since 2002. I created my web site in 2004 but did not get organized into a Breeding Schedule format until 2008. I created the format to help me keep track of how many litter's I've bred and to find the birth and parents information of litters for my database records.

Future Breedings

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