Presenting: Bareback Blues of RDPY

Bareback Blues of RDPY

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
02/14/06 American Blue Bareback
Standard Coat and Ears

In this picture Bareback Blues looks almost a Russian Blue, but he is actually a much lighter shade and is American blue. Bareback Blue has always been shy. Not scared, just shy. He doesn't seek out attention. He is not outgoing. I guess he is lazy. He lets me pick him up and he just sits hidden behind my hair on my neck. He is the exact opposite from his cagemate Bandi. Though they came from the same Rattery, they are not brothers. There is at least a weeks difference in their ages.

I actually felt Bandi was too small and young to even be offered for sale, that is one of the reasons I brought him home. I don't think he would have made it if he had been left there.

I got Bareback Blues to keep Bandi company and because I have a real weakness for American Blue ratties, LOL! My husband won't let me go inside Pet Smart alone now. He knows I have zero will power to say "No" if they have blue ratties. :>)

When I first got him he caught Bandi's myco infection, though it wasn't as bad because he was older and stronger. I treated him for over two weeks before he got strong enough to fight it on his own. He is doing fine now (10-21-06).

I followed proper quarantine practices and his myco infection did not effect any other rats in my rattery.

12-24-06 Bareback died unexpectedly. His nose had some red around the nostrils, but he hadn't been sick or having any breathing problems. His weight was good. He seemed healthy. He died with his eyes closed and was laying on his side. He looked peaceful and comfortable. I haven't a clue what happened, but I'm really bummed about it. He was about as perfect to the bareback marking as they come. I was planning on breeding him.

Pedigree Of: Bareback Blues ("BB") of RDPY
BreedAmerican Blue Bareback
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Bred by Rainbow Rattery in TexasUnknownUnknown
Bred by Rainbow Rattery in TexasUnknownUnknown
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