Presenting: HRH Bayou Blues

HRH Bayou Blues, an American Blue Hooded Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
07/04/04 American Powder Blue
Mismarked Hooded
Standard Coat
Standard Ear
Bayou Blues is a very nice rattie and extremely beautiful. I've never seen a rattie quite this color up until now. His health is excellent, nothing to report at this time.

UPDATE: 12/04/05 He has an abcess on his right lower side. I think he got bit by one of his cagemates. He is being treated with antibotics and disinfectant wound spray and is off in a healing unit by himself. But it is very slow in healing. It is located in an area, making it very painful for him if I try and pick him up, making it hard for me to dress the wound properly. I hope he makes it.

Pedigree Of: HRH Bayou Blues
Reg. #050035/M
BreedAmerican Blue, Mismarked Hooded
Patrick of HRH
Blue Hooded
HRH Misty
Blue American Berkshire
HRH Elmer
Beige American Berkshire
HRH Sally
Agouti Blaze
Last Updated On: 12/04/05
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