Presenting: RDPY Binky Boo

RDPY Binky Boo

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
09/16/03 Black Berkshire
Standard Coat
Standard Ear
Binky looks just like his Dad Boo Boo, but so far has not shown any aggression tendencies. He is a nice rattie. Not as affectionate as some of my other ones, but he doesn't bite or nip. His health has been good. Early on in his life he had a small boil/cyst on his rump, but that has long since healed and you can't tell he ever had it.

UPDATE: Binky Boo died on 2/2/05 of respirtory failure.
Pedigree for RDPY Binky Boo
Sire: Boo Boo of RDPY
Black Berkshire, with nice head spot.
Grand Sire: Unknown
Grand Dam: Unknown
Dam: RDPY Marshmellow
Beige white hooded
Grand Sire: Tanner of RDPY
Beige Berkshire.
Grand Dam: Camie of RDPY
Beige Berkshire, with an irregular blaze.
Last Updated On: 03/03/05
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