Presenting: Boo Boo of RDPY

RDPY Boo Boo, a Black Berkshire Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
02/10/03 Black Berkshire
Standard Coat
Standard Ear

Boo Boo, started out a nice rattie, but something happened along the way. He has become aggressive with other ratties and has bitten my finger and has bitten me on the top of my hand, biting through a main artery, sending me to emergency.

I've never done anything to hurt him in anyway and I use to be very close and attached to him. Now I don't trust him and have to handle him with gloves on. I don't understand how a rattie you used to have a bond with, can turn on you like that.

Boo, now lives in a housing unit by himself after attacking his son Stuart and any other ratties he comes in contact with. If ratties are capable of developing attitude problems, Boo, has a major one.

As Boo has gotten older he has started to show signs of aggression. Not just to me but to other ratties. It appears this change in personality happened about the time he was being used as a stud, maybe its some kind of hormonal fluctuation. Anyway, I have retired him from my breeding program.

Other than this temperament problem, his health is excellent.

UPDATE: 05/01/04 Boo, has passed away. Cause of death is not known, but it could be genetics as he was purchased from a pet store.

I just hope he doesn't stir up too much trouble with anyone at the Rainbow Bridge. I have some pretty nice ratties living there and I wouldn't want him bulling them, sigh.

(Attention, any pet rats owners reading this: DON'T buy your ratties from a pet store, you don't know what you are getting. Always buy from an established breeder. Learn from my mistakes and don't repeat them.)

I don't have any pedigree information for Boo.
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