My Rattery Breeding Schedule for 2011

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Note: Mother Nature always has the final say on my breeding plans. I appreciate everyone's understanding that sometimes things are just out of my hands with supply and demand. Also, breeding pairs are subject to change, sometimes I add pairs or delete pairs to my discretion based on their health or my time constraints.

I breed about six months out of every year. Usually I have ratties available in March, April, May, October, November and December of every year. Once in a while if my waiting lists are big enough I'll add another month like September. Usually I do not breed during the summer months. I like to take my summers off to just relax and have fun. Running a rattery is a lot of work and it's very easy to get burned out, therefore taking time for myself is important.

When I breed I usually do four standard size litters in case I need to use a Mother to surrogate a litter. Not everything goes as planned. Not every litter is born on time or with the quanity expected. I usally breed many dwarf litters at once also for this same reason. Dwarf litters are very small, so though it may look like I'm breeding a lot of ratties at once I'm really not. During each of the months that I breed I usually have between 10-20 babies available to the general public for adoption. I have people coming from across the U.S. to get ratties from me, so the amount I breed never keeps up with the demand. The waiting lists fill up fast for these kiddos so get your reservation in early to be assured getting something when available.

Update: 12/20/11 I'm working on my 2012 Breeding Schedule and it's taking me longer than expected. Thank you for your patience.

Next year I'll be doing some things differently. I'm no longer accepting reservations. You will need to write me to get prescreened for adoption and once approved you will be put on my mailing list. When babies are born I will email everyone on the list. The first people to respond to the birth announcements will get consideration for babies.

I've really had problems this year with people not responding to my emails when letting them know I have babies, or them backing out saying they already got ratties somewhere else but forgot to tell me.

This new policy will also keep people from being disappointed about being on a certain list and then not having enough of a certain gender or having mama's not give birth on time or litters not surviving. I really don't like disappointing people. So when I have births I will announce how many of each gender and it's up to the people on the list to respond quickly to get their choices. This should work out better for everyone. You can ask to have your name removed at any time.

Anyway, you can still write me to get preapproved for future litters, and your name will be included to my mailing list. Thanks for your understanding of why I've had to change how I do this.

Pairing Between Will
Information About the Pairing Reservations/Delivery Dates Status
RDPY Dancing With the Stars
RDPY Starlight
11/25/10 01/11/11 Update: 01/19/11 There are two triple dilutes and one pearl merle. I am keeping the platinum. Update: 01/14/11 Stars has three tiny little babies. All of them are girls. Baby and Mama are doing well.

Update: 12/30/10 I have separated Star from Dancer. I'll know by next week if she'll be having babies. If not I'll retire her.

Update: 12/28/10 I don't want to get my hopes up by Star has gained weight. She now weighs 11.2 ounces. I'll keep you posted!

Update: 12/23/10 Star still only weighs 10.5 ounces, sorry everyone.I'll continue to keep them in together, but it's not looking too hopeful.

Update: 12/19/10 I weighed Star just now. She only weighs 10.5 ounces and does not appear to be pregnant. I will weigh her again in a few days to see if she is gaining weight indicating another pregnancy.

Update: 12/16/10 Last week Star was looking preggers this week she isn't so I think her body reasborbed them. I've left them in together. I'll keep trying as I know so many of you are patiently waiting for babies from this litter.

Update: 12/08/10 I'm seeing a baby bump! :>)

Update: 11/25/10 They are in together and Star is coming into heat but Dancer isn't getting the message. She is trying to get his attention. Dancer has gotten quite fat, lol. This pairing may take a while to happen as he may be too lazy to do anything. :>)

This will be Star's second litter and I will expect it to be smaller as she'll be a year old shortly.

Hoping for Merles, in American blue, and mink. All will have dumbo ears, some will have rex velveteen fur.

The purpose for this breeding is to produce more merles. Both ratties are merles. Hoping the merling will be more pronounced.
These babies have gone to their forever homes

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RDPY Coppertop
RATL The Mountains Peak
06/26/11 07/21/11 Update: 08/09/11 Peakers individual baby pictures are now posted.

Update: 07/28/11 Most of the babies are black Berkshires. There are two Russian blue's and one black variegated. I'll post pictures shortly.

Update: 07/21/11 Peaker has eight little squeakers. Five boys and three girls! Mama and babies are doing good!

I tried breeding Copper last fall and his mate didn't carry them full term, so I'm trying a pairing with a different gal this time. Copper is such a sweet and kissy fellow and a good sized rattie.

Peaker is a small rattie so this will help improve the size hopefully of future generations.

Peaker looks black or charcoal but is believed to be mink based, therefore Copper will bring that beautiful color out with this pairing. It's possible to get blazed or Dalmatians or variegated with this pairing. Should have some interesting markings and beautiful mink and lilac colorings.
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All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.

CMMR Strands of Gold
RH Sunrise
06/26/11 07/26/11 Update: 08/02/11 I figured out why Golden only had one baby! That's becaue the mama was not Golden but RH Sunrise. Both ratties look almost identical accept for size. I picked the wrong one when I paired them. Considering Sunrise is about 18 months old I'm very impressed she had a baby! Way to go Sunrise!

I will pair Golden Touch up next month.

Update: 07/28/11 Golden has one baby. A boy. That's why she never looked to big. Not sure what happened, but glad she had a baby anyway. She feeding him very well and he's getting very chubby, lol.

Update: 07/21/11 Not sure if she will have them on schedule as she doesn't look that big too me. Unless she is going to have a small litter?

Expecting black eyed Siamese and wheaten Burmese, all dumbos
Click here to see the baby's first picture.

I will be keeping this darling little boy that turned out to be a Wheaten Burmese. I've named him The Golden Sun and will call him Sunny.

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.
RDPY Heart of Gold
DCR Rosa Linda
06/26/11 and 07/28/11 08/23/11 Update: 09/03/11 Rosa has a little girl that looks like her (black) and a Burmese! They are doing great. She is a great Mother!

Update: 08/23/11 Rosa has two little squeakers! Mama and babies seem to be doing fine.

Update: 08/19/11 I don't know what's going on buy Rosa still does not look preggers. I'll keep trying as I really want babies from this line. Not giving up hope yet.

Update: 07/28/11 Rosa does not look pregnant. I've decided to pair her back up again but this time with Heart of Courage instead of Heart of Gold.

Update: 07/22/11 She looks bigger today than yesterday!

Update: 07/21/11 She is so tiny but I think she looks like she is expecting.

Expecting black, and black and white hooded, some standard ears, all dwarfs. Dwarf litters are small, averaging between 1-4 babies.
I'm keeping both the girls from this litter. I'm naming them Heart of Roses and Linda Rose.
RDPY Robins Jewel II
RDPY Treasure Chyst
07/28/11 and 09/03/11 09/17/11 Update: 09/22/11 There was a runt in the litter and though I tried to keep her on the top of the litter so she could get her fair share of milk it appears she lost that battle as I counted only eleven babies. There are now seven girls and four boys. I will be keeping two girls and one boy. The rest will be provided to reservations who have been waiting patiently. There won't be any available if you weren't on a list early. How far down the list I'm able to go is yet to be determined.

Update: 09/18/11 There are eight females and four males.

Update: 09/17/11 Hooray! My little Treasure Chyst has given birth to 12 healthy little ratlets! She traces back all the way to my first rattie Hurkie! She will assure my original lines continue. So excited!

Update: 09/15/11 Treasure is looking preggers, so I'm removing Robin from the unit so she can get ready for motherhood.

Update: 09/03/11 I've put Robin back in with Treasure as she still has not taken. I'm really having problems getting Mothers to conceive and carry them full term right now.

Update 08/19/11 Treasure is showing a slight baby bump. I due believe she is preggers. I'll keep you posted.

Update: 07/28/11 They are in together getting to know each other.

Expecting Russian blue masked, patched, bew's and Dalmatians, all dumbos. Treasure Chyst traces back to my foundation line of ratties. Out of all my pairings this one is necessary to keep my original lines going. It's a special breeding.
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All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.

RDPY Miracle
RDPY Pooh's Joy
08/25/11 09/18/11 Update: 09/22/11 I went to get my "Pooh's" out to determine gender and socialize them and was heartbroken to see there were only four babies in the nest! :>( There is one girl which I will be keeping and three boys. I will be keeping one boy. There will be a pair of boys availalbe for adoption and will be filled by people/ who've been waiting patiently on my reservation list.

Update: 09/18/11 Joy has five little squeakers! Yeah, now I have something from Miracle to carry on for him. He is the sweetest rattie, almost as sweet as Sterling was. Very kissy boy. These should be a awesome group.

Update: 09/15/11 Joy is getting huge! She's right on track for giving birth shortly. YEAH! Miracle is such a sweetie. I'm really look forward to his babies!

Update: 09/08/11 It's looking like Joy is preggers! Yeah! I've put Miracle back in with Lightening Rod so he can try again with her.

Expecting Russian Blue dumbos with blazes on their faces
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.

RDPY Thunderbolt
RDPY Joyous Blessings
08/25/11 09/23/11 Update: 10/07/11 Ok, I was wrong. Two of the babies are Russian blue and one is a Russian Dove with ruby eyes, which totally surprised me. The Russian Dove is a pretty color, but many people don't like the red eyes on rats so don't know if I'll be keeping it. Was hoping for Russian Silver, one of my favorite colors.

Update: 10/01/11 It appears two of the remaining babies are Russian Silver! Keeping!

0Update: 09/23/11 Joyous Blessings had five little Blessings. One had a head injury. I do believe she might have steped on it. It died shortly after birth. Another one was not nursing and even though I put it on top of the others so it could get first choice at the food stations I found her dead later in the day. There are now three little blessings. All three are females and I'm very grateful they are doing alright.

Update: 09/22/11 She is showing a baby bump now. Litter will proably be small, but I'd just be happy to have anything at all at this point. I'm thinking she'll have them sometime this weekend...Mother Nature willing that is.

Update: 09/15/11 She is not looking preggers...sigh...I'll keep you posted. Leaving them in together for the time being.

Update: 09/08/11 I think she's preggers. I'll keep you posted!

Expecting Russian Blue dumbos with blazes on their faces
Click here to see the babies first pictures.

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.

RDPY Miracle
RDPY Lightening Rod
07/28/11 and 09/08/11 10/04/11 Update: 10/07/11 Lightening had three babies. The little male did not make it. I'm not sure what happened. He was a good size and she was sitting on him like he was alive but he wasn't. It was sad. I've experienced a lot of that lately. The two remaining females are doing good.

Update: 09/29/11 I'm really not seeing signs of babies on the way. I hope I'm wrong.

Update: 09/22/11 Can't tell for sure whether Lightening has taken or not but Miracle was ready to exit stage left, lol!

Update: 09/08/11 I've put Miracle back in with Lightening. Hopefully this time will be better

Update: 09/03/11 I thought Lightening Rod was preggers but she appears to have not carried them full term. Miracle is in with another female right now. I'll repair them later this month

Update: 08/19/11 Light did appear to get preggers by Miracle during her first heat. She appears to be right on schedule for giving birth sometime this week.

Update: 07/28/11 They are in together and Light is in heat. She is bouncing all over the place though and is not holding still. Very unlikely he'll figure out what is going on this first go around as she won't hold still long enough for him to get lined up, lol. :>)

Expecting Russian blues with blazes on their faces, all dumbos
Click here to see the babies first pictures.

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.
RDPY Golden Strands of Silk
RDPY Golden Touch
08/25/11 10/16/11 Update: 10/17/11 There are five boys and one girl. I will be keeping the girl and one of the boys.

Update: 10/16/11 I had the sweetest surprise on "Sweetest Day!" Goldie surprised me with SIX little ratlets! I didn't even think she was pregnant and had given up on this pairing. I walked by the housing unit and heard sqeaks and she was nursing them while Dad looked on. A little family unit.

I've now removed Silk from the house and she has her privacy! They all had milk bellies and where doing really good.

Goldie did not seem bothered by Silk being there. I know they love each other very much as I saw him grooming her all the time. SOOOO Happy today! What a blessing!

Update: 09/22/11 Golden Touch is no longer showing a baby bump. I'm keeping her in with Silk to see if they'll rebreed. I am not giving up on this pairing as I'd lose my BES lines. Even one baby would be a blessing at this point. Come on Golden you can do it!

Update: 09/15/11 Goldie was looking preggers but now isn't...sigh...I think she reabsorbed them. I'll keep you posted on any developments. Keeping them in together.

Update: 09/08/11 I do believe I see a baby belly beginning! So excited!

Expecting black eyed Siamese and wheaten Burmese, all dumbos
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All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.
RDPY Silver Bliss
RDPY Starburst
09/29/11 10/22/11 Update:10/23/11 Starburst has seven squeakers. One must have been hiding when I peaked in before. There are five girls and two boys.

Update: 10/22/11 Starburst had six little squeakers! I'll check gender shortly.

Update: 10/20/11 Starburst is preggers and on track for delivery this week.

Update: 09/29/11 They are in together.

Expecting American blue dumbo's, with a remote chance of Russian silver and Russian dove
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All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.
RDPY Masked Wonder
RDPY Patches of Michief
10/06/11 10/30/11 Update: 11/01/11 one of the females died. I think she was smothered. :>(

Update: 10/30/11 Michief has eight little eppers. Mama and babies are doing good. She's being a good mama and nursing contently on the nest. She has the door to her hut blocked with fabric scraps, lol. There are five females and three males. Two of the males are reserved for my friend Rachel unless they don't have good enough masks. She's been waiting a while for a good masked male rattie. I'll keep you posted on that.

Update: Michief is looking preggers so I've removed Wonder from the housing unit. I'm keeping a close eye on her so I can try to catch her having her babies. I want to make sure everything goes smoothly this time and that she will nurse them without hurting them. I'm giving her extra protein and goodies.

Update: 10/20/11 Still too soon to tell if Patches is carrying babies or not.

Update:10/07/11 I have paired Patches up with Masked Wonder again. I hope she'll carry them full term. I will watch her like a hawk when she has them to make sure she doesn't do anything to them. I'll surrogate them if I have to.

This will be my second try with Patches. She lost her first litter earlier this year.

Expecting black masked, patched, bew and Dalmatians, all dumbos
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All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.
RDPY Silver Bliss
RDPY Pooh's Joy
11/03/11 11/28/11 Update: 12/20/11 A Russian silver girl of Joy's did not make it. I'm not sure what happened to her but's it's very sad indeed. A lot of heartbreak and disappointments for me this breeding season. I hope 2012 is a better year.

Update: 11/29/11 There are three girls and one boy

Update: 11/28/11 Joy had five babies. One girl was still born. The other four are doing fine. I will check remaining gender tomorrow. w8o

Update: 11/03/11 They are in together.

This will be Joy's second and last litter. Expecting Russian Blue, Russian Silver and Russian Dove dumbos with blazes on their faces
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All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.
RDPY Masked Wonder
RDPY Treasure Chyst
11/03/11 12/07/11 Update: 12/07/11 Better late than never...Treasure had 12 babies but only nine survived. There are five girls and four boys .

Update: 11/03/11 They are in together.

This will be Treasure's second and last litter. Expecting Russian blue and black masked, patched, bew's and Dalmatians, all dumbos. Treasure Chyst traces back to my foundation line of ratties.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.

Understanding my breeding schedule
Terminology for 2011:

"I am Available" means the ratlet is not reserved by anyone and you may contact me to reserve it.

"RDPY TBA" - means the person has reserved the ratlet but has not chosen a name for it yet.

"All the babies are now reserved" - means people have shown an interest in a ratlet and in many cases have paid for them and are waiting for pickup or delivery though they may still be living at the rattery.

"All the babies have now gone to their forever homes" - means the ratlet is no longer living here and lives with it's new parents.

I will be doing deliveries downstate to my Mom's in East Lansing on the following dates:

January 21st 2012 12pm-4pm
January 22nd 2012 10am-1pm

To Mapquest her approximate location and distance put: 16400 Upton Rd, East Lansing Michigan 48823. I will provide her exact address when final arrangements are made.

I'm requiring a 5 dollar delivery fee be added for each ratlet I transport down state, this is to cover my gas to and from. So if you are receiving a pair of rittens the total would be 50 per pair to deliver them downstate. (The cost is only 40 if you come to my location to pick them up.)

With gas prices out of control I try to divide the gas costs fairly between all interested parties so I don't burden just one person with the cost of gas. This has worked out very well in the past. :>)

I need ten reservations to make the trip down state as my gas for the trip at current prices has escalated to 100 dollars round trip. But that's how much it would cost each individual if they had to drive to my location to pick them up, plus the time for the trip there and back, so this really is a wonderful opportunity for those who live in the Southern half of Michigan, to get quality pet rats. (Read my past testimonials for the wonderful feedback I've received for my past pets.

Payment for ratties being transported needs to be prepaid before the delivery date. Most people just use Paypal to make the payment and I can send you an invoice from Paypal making it easier for you to make payment.

Any products or supplies you order can be paid with Paypal also as they allow you to use a charge card. Or products can also be paid for in cash upon scheduled pickup. I can bring these items with me downstate to save on shipping costs, you just need to let me know what you want ahead of time. I can also custom make carrying pouches in your favorite colors. These are a highly recommended purchase and you can read more about them at my store link.

Upon completing arrangements for pickup each person will be scheduled in a time slot one hour a part from each other. This is because I give one on one attention to each and every person, answering questions, showing proper handling and bonding procedures and going over proper care and health topics.

I take this extra time because I want to make sure my fur kids and their new owners will be contented with each other and my little ratlets will continue to thrive in their new environments.

I'm not just doing this to promote rats as pets, I'm doing this to educate the public on proper care and handling of this unique animal too. They are very intelligent creatures and have feelings and emotions much like a two year old human child. They are not like hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and rabbits, they are friendly and social, and interact and bond with their owners much like dogs do. They can get EXTREMELY attached to their human friends if given the right environment. I help you learn what that environment is.

Getting your pet rats from me is a great value for your money as you'll receive a nice pedigree certificate and a lifetime of email assistance for your pets. I'm always available to assist with any behavioral or medical issues that you have. I always make time for my customers to assure they get all the help they need for the lifespan of the pets they acquire from me. I do not disappear after the sale. Your happiness and your pets happiness is very important to me. :>()

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