My Rattery Breeding Schedule for 2012

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Note: Mother Nature always has the final say on my breeding plans. I appreciate everyone's understanding that sometimes things are just out of my hands with supply and demand. Also, breeding pairs are subject to change, sometimes I add pairs or delete pairs to my discretion based on their health or my time constraints.

Please note: I am an older, retired women. I only breed as many litters as I feel I have time for. I normally only breed six months out of the year...that hasn't always been the case...but that is my normal standard of operation. Though for some people it might seem like I have a lot of litters planned I don't have human children, school or a job to contend with and have more time to devote to raising my pets properly than most other breeders do. Please take this into consideration when viewing my Breeding Schedule. I can assure you my pets are properly socialized, sweet, healthy and well tempered.

Please note: I don't consider dwarf litters regular breeding litters as they usually have 1-4 babies in each litter. Because of the small numbers I could breed many dwarf litters and still not have enough rats as one standard litter would produce. So they are not time consuming to raise. You will see in the months of November and December it looks like I'm breeding a lot of litters, but several are dwarf pairings, so they just aren't as cumbersome and time consuming as larger standard size litters tend to be.

Also wanted to note that I work with marked rats as well as several other long standing breeders from across the country. The markings in my lines are healthy and not prone to megacolon as some domiant markings can produce. I only breed healthy marked rats.

My Thoughts for 2012

Starting in 2012 I'm going to be doing things differently regarding how I go about adopting to people.

First you will need to write me. You may tell me how many rats you want and of what same sex gender. I will ask you a series of screening questions to assure you would offer a good home for my pets. Once approved you will be placed on my mailing list. You can ask to have your name removed from my list at anytime.

When I have birth announcements I will send an email out to everyone on the list. I will state in the email what litters were born, how many and of what gender. You may look at the parents profiles and determine if these litters are something you'd be interested in.

Then you write me and tell me of your interest. It will be a first come first serve reservation process. Basically whoever writes me first and shows an interest after receiving my email will get first consideration of those litters.

I really had problems last year with having an official waiting list. Mothers didn't give birth, or there weren't enough or people would not respond when I tell them I had something for them, or they'd respond and tell me they were no longer interested. It became too complicated and time consuming trying to contact people and wait to hear back from them. And I hated disappointing people when Mother nature did not cooperate. Thanks for your understanding with my new policies.

Pairing Between Will
Information About the Pairing Reservations/Delivery Dates Status
RDPY Golden Sun
RDPY Pumpkin
01/05/12 01/28/12 Update: 02/07/12 Good news! The baby I thought Pumpkin had removed has returned! It appears he must have been clinging to one of her nipples when I went and got the rest of them out and that's why I didn't see it! I'm so happy he's back!

I'm taking the kids first pictures today. They are ten days old and their fur is in enough so I can tell which ones I want. I know there are a bunch of people waiting for that email from me but I couldn't write saying what available until I picked the ones I want to keep.

Update: 02/03/12 And then there were appears Pumpkin did not want to keep one of her boys. When I went to clean out her house today I only found nine. All the rexes are still there, only five boys now instead of six. Many of the ratlets are looking black! There also appears to be a couple platinum, possibly an American blue. Wasn't expecting black...but I haven't worked with Wheaten Burmese very long and didn't know what he carried.

Update: 01/28/12 Pumpkin has ten little babies. There are six boys and four girls. There are two rex males and one rex female. I will be keeping one rex male and the rex female and another standard coat female. There will be six babies available from the litter. Only people on my prescreened adoption list will be considered for adoption.

I will post pictures when their fur comes in, which will be about ten days from now. Once pictures are posted I will email everyone on my prescreened adoption list. Whoever responds the fastest to the emails will be who gets the babies. So keep watching for the email notice.

Update: 01/26/12 Pumpkin is finally going to have a litter. It appears using the young male did the trick. She is very big and should be having them this weekend. So maybe I can keep some rexes in my lines. I'm very excited about her litter. She's getting huge!

Attempting to save some rex coats in my lines. Pumpkin is my last rex coated rattie. If she does not produce a litter I will no longer be able to have rex coated rats without outcrossing to another breeders lines.

I've attempted several times in the past to breed her without success. I'm going to use a younger male this time in hopes he might be more energetic about getting the job done, lol. Also a remote chance I might pull out the American blue in these lines. But even if I don't Sunny's color is so pretty I wouldn't mind a whole litter looking like him, with some nice rex coats! Most likely going to get all kinds of dilutes of the various dominant colors they are carrying, lol. Should be an interesting pairing for sure.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies have gone to live at their forever homes

RDPY Rocky Mountain Top
RDPY Smokey Top Mountain
01/26/12 02/17/12 Update: 02/17/12 Smokey had six little babies today. There are five girls and one boy. Mama and babies are doing really well!

Update: 02/16/12 Smokey is VERY preggers! She should have her babies this weekend.

Update: 02/09/12 Smokey appears to be pregnant! Yeah!

Update: 01/26/12 Rocky and Smokey are in together along with Thunder's Blessing. Rocky is going to be a very busy boy, lol.

Really hoping to expand the variegated marking to other colors.

:Smokey is the sweetest, licky, kissy little thing. Rocky is equally as friendly and outgoing. Hoping to expand on the black variegated marking, possibly Russian blue variegated and maybe if I'm lucky a black blaze, or mink, as it's believed Peaker (their Mom) is genetically mink though she looked black in her younger days. Smokey is a good sized rattie, much bigger than her Mother is. I was hoping to increase the size when I bred Peaker to Coppertop last year. Copper is 26 months old and still very healthy. Copper is a massive rattie boy, weighing over a pound! Conformation was also improved with that pairing. These babies should be gorgeous!
Click here to see the babies first pictures! They are so cute!

All of these babies have gone to live at their forever homes
RDPY Rocky Mountain Top
RDPY Thunder's Blessing
01/26/12 02/20/12 Update: 02/28/12 Thunder has some darling babies. I will be posting their first pictures on March 2nd. Not enough of their fur is in yet to really see their colorings and markings. But there is black and Russian blue, Russian Silver and I think even American blue, some solid colors and markings as well! Much cuter than I expected from this pairing.

Update: 02/20/12 1:30pm. Thunder had 12 babies. One girl did not make it, leaving 11. There are six girls and five boys.

Update: 02/20/12 12pm: Thunder is having her babies as I write this! Yeah! Everything appears to be going great!B

Update: 02/20/12 Thunder has made this gigantic nest...she's getting ready to have her babies...soon!

Update: 02/16/12 Thunder is getting so big I think she could pop! She should have her babies anytime!

Update: 02/09/12 Thunder appears to be pregnant! Yeah!

Update: 01/26/12 Rocky and Thunder's Blessing are in together along with her friend Smokey, so Rocky will be having lots of fun, lol.

Hoping to get marked rats in a variety of markings, hoping for black blazed rats or Russian blue variegated ones. All will have dumbo ears.
Click here to see the babies first pictures! They are so cute!

All of these babies have gone to live at their forever homes
RDPY Mysterian
RDPY Jewels R.A. Treasure
01/26/12 02/20/12 Update: 02/28/12 Jewels babies are all black marked except for two BEW's! I was surprised. I thought for sure because she is Russian blue some of the babies would be too, but they seem to have gotten their Daddies markings mostly. They are really cute. I will be posting their first pictures on March 2nd when more markings can be seen.

Update: 02/20/12 What a welcome surprise! Jewels had ten babies today. I wasn't expecting them until next week. She didn't look that far along. They are small babies. There are seven boys and three girls! Congratulations Jewels Girl!

Update: 02/16/12 Jewels continues to put on weight though she is not as far along as Smokey and Blessing who will have their litters shortly.

Update: 02/09/12 Jewels appears to be pregnant! Yeah!

Update: 01/26/12 Mysterian and Jewels are in together. Mysterian has never been used for breeding before. I forgot all about him. He's getting up there in age but did seem interested so we'll see if he can get the job done, lol.

Trying to keep another section of my lines. Expecting black masked and mismarked capped. Though this pairing will probably not enhance the masks of my lines it will provide me other cross overs within my lines for a diverse gene pool. All the babies will have darling facial markings I'm sure.
Click here to see the babies first pictures! They are so cute!

All of these babies have gone to live at their forever homes
RDPY Golden Silken
RDPY Ruby Silk
03/01/12 03/25/12 Update: 04/16/12 All are BES or Wheaten's. Looks like a couple dwarfs. Most are going to breeder friends of mine, as BES are hard to come by. I'll announce/post any that are available.

Update: 03/26/12 There are nine little girls and two little boys. Can't tell which are RES, BES or Burmese at this time...they are just very pink, lol.

Update: 03/25/12 Ruby has eleven little babies! Yeah Ruby girl! I'll post gender in a day or so. Didn't want to bother her too much, lol.

Update: 03/23/12 Ruby is getting really big and she'll have her babies before the other gals will. Keep you posted on when and how many.

Update: 03/16/12 Ruby is showing signs of being pregnant. I'll keep you updated!

Update: 03/01/12 They are in together...

Expecting Siamese, BES, Burmese all with dumbo ears.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies have gone to live at their forever homes
RDPY Heart of Courage
RDPY Linda Rose
01/05/12 04/06/12 Update: 04/20/12 The little black Berkshire that Linda is caring for is gaining strength, though is still very small and will be the runt of the litter.

Update: 04/17/12 I don't think the little black boy that Linda is looking after is going to make it. She's keeping him warm and sitting on him but he doesn't appear to be nursing. I know she has milk as the others are getting bigger. He however appears to be shrinking and getting weaker. I feel so bad for him. Not sure what's wrong or why he won't nurse...this stuff is so heartbreaking to me.

Update: 04/16/12 Linda is taking care of one of Star's babies, a little black boy she tossed aside. I found him cold and lacking milk. I think he wasn't strong enough to fight for the food stations. I took a gamble that Linda would take him in and she did. He's now warm and squiggly and get a good meal. I hope as he gets bigger he isn't too much for her to handle. I'll try to get him on solid foods and liquids as soon as I can.

Update: 04/07/12 I had all but given up on Linda having any babies and was totally surprised to hear squeakers. She had two tiny little babies yesterday. Courage was still in with her. She didn't even look pregnant. He did not bother the babies, but I promptly removed him. Linda was nursing them and baby and mama appeared to be doing good. Both babies appear to be males. I will be keeping them both.

Update: 03/01/12 I put Courage back in with her today.

Update: 02/09/12 I'm not getting my hopes up too much but Linda might be with child...I'll know for sure by next week. I've separated Courage from her. If she isn't pregnant I'm going to give it a rest until later this year. May switch to a different male too.

Update: 02/03/12 Linda does not look pregnant. Maybe there is something wrong with the boys. Maybe they don't want to breed or are sterile now. They are all getting up there in age.

Update: 01/26/12 The same thing with Linda. She does not look pregnant and I've left Courage in with her just like her sister Rose. Could be the same thing that Courage is just not interested in breeding anymore. I sure hope I'll see a baby bump in the near future.

I'm on the verge of losing my dwarf lines. I only produced two dwarf females last season, from those two females I'm going to try and revive my dwarf lines. I won't have any dwarfs available to the general public until late this year, and they will probably only be males as I'll need to keep the females to keep expanding again.

Expecting black and black marked, Siamese is possible, all standard ears.
Click here to see the babies first pictures.

None Available
RDPY Yellow Brick Road
RDPY Silvery Star
03/01/12 04/07/12 Update: 04/19/12 I found one of Stars girls dead on the other side of the nest. She was a Russian Silver Berkshire just like her Mom. My only theory is she left the nest with this girl still attached and nursing and dragged her across the nest and then she let go and couldn't find her way back and got chilled and died. It was a very sad thing to discover. It must have happened during the night as in the early morning I cleaned her house and discovered the mishap.

The little runt boy that I gave to my dwarfie girl Linda to care for is still hanging in there. He's gaining his strength back but is still very small compared to other litter mates as can be seen by the pictures I took of everyone today.

Update: 04/16/12 Star rejected one of her males. I found him cold and unfed in a corner. I rescued him and put him in with my little dwarf female Linda as he was about the same size as her babies. She accepted him and he appears to be doing good.

Update: 04/10/12 There are seven females and four males. Many have various markings. A couple appear to be Berkshires, looking more like Mama's color at this point. She is feeding them way too much and they are really getting chubby.

Update: 04/07/12 Silvery had twelve babies today, unfortunately one female did not make it. Mama and the other eleven are doing good.

Update 04/05/12 Silvery is going to have babies. She is really big and should have them any day now. I'm totally surprised as last week she didn't look that big. Yeah! I've been trying to get a litter from Bricky forever! So glad I will finally have something from him.

Update: 03/29/12 It's appearing that Silver did not take. I think the males I tried to use with my other three pairs are either sterile or just not interested in taking the energy to breed, being they are getting older. I've tried several different times to use Bricky to get a litter and just haven't been successful. I thought using a young, fertile female would help the chances but it appears not.

Update: 03/23/12 Silvery is getting big too. She should be having them in the next few days. I'll post more as soon as I know more. I'm very excited about this pairing as I tried several times last year to breed Brick to someone and never got babies from him. It appears I finally will get something from this lineage after all.

Update: 03/16/12 I think Silvery is going to have babies. I'll keep you posted.

Update: 03/01/12 They are in together...

Hoping for American blue, black marked rats possible also. All with dumbo ears.
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All of these babies have gone to live at their forever homes
RDPY Pyrit's Bounty
RDPY Wonderous Treasure
04/19/12 05/12/12 Update: 05/16/12 There are two boys and eight girls!

Update: 05/12/12 Treasure had her babies today. She has ten of them. Mama and babies are doing really well. She is going to be a good Mom.

Update: 05/07/12 I'm seeing signs of Treasure being pregnant. Everything should be on track for a litter born between the estimated time frame posted.

Update: 04/30/12 Nothing new to report. Cant' tell if she is going to have a litter or not yet.

Update: 04/20/12 They are in together getting to know each other.

Expecting black masked rats, or dalmatians with various facial markings, all with dumbo ears.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies have gone to live at their forever homes
RDPY Masked Wonder
RDPY Patches Lil' Angel
04/05/12 05/15/12 Update: 05/30/12 There are four girls and two boys remaining.

Update: 05/30/12 All our domesticated rats are born with the mycoplasma virus as the Mothers pass this on to them as they leave the birth canal. Most babies can fight off the virus...but some develop secondary infections that result in respirtory problems. When they are very young and nursing there isn't much you can do as far as treating them except help them breath better with a nebulizer.

Several of Angels babies got respiratory infections and were not thriving. They stopped nursing and passed away. Though Amoxycillin is not suppose to enter the Mother's milk I added it to her water hoping some might pass onto the babies. Angel is in excellent health and does not have an infection, but I hoped this might help her babies. She lost four in total. The six remaining babies are very big and healthy and never got any infection...thus their immune systems must have been strong enough to fight it off.

Mother Nature has her own form of natural selection and if these babies were not strong enough to overcome their infections it's probably a kinder thing for them to have departed rather than live a life of chronic illnesses. Also, I only want to supply the strongest and healthiest rats for companions to people. So though I'm sad for the loss I guess it's a blessing too.

Update:05/16/12 Angel had ten babies. There are seven girls and three boys!

Update: 05/15/12 Angel had her babies today. I haven't done a head count yet. I'll do that tomorrow.

Update: 05/12/12 Angel continues to put on weight. I think she'll have them early next week. Yeah!

Update: 05/07/12 Well, this litter is way off track in being born but appears Angel is finally pregnant. I'm readjusting the due date.

Update: 04/30/12 Still not seeing any signs of Angel being pregnant...sorry everyone...

Update: 04/20/12 I'm still not seeing any signs of Angel being pregnant. I'll keep you posted. I hope to see signs by next week.

Update: 04/16/12 Still no real signs of being pregnant. I hope she takes soon.

Update: 04/05/12 They are in together getting to know each other.

Expecting black masked or Dalmatians, all with dumbo ears.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies have gone to live at their forever homes
RATL McGuinty
Unknown 04/08/12 I'm fostering a litter for a friend of mine. She is extremely busy and I'm trying to help her out. Click here to see the babies pictures.

All of these babies have gone to live at their forever homes
RATL Aguirre
RATL Olive
Unknown 04/22/12 Update: 05/27/12 I am fostering a litter for a friend of mine. The adoption process can be very time consuming and she is very helping out. Click here to see the babies pictures.

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes!.
RATL Aguirre
RATL Pimento
Unknown 05/03/12 Update: 05/27/12 I am fostering a litter for a friend of mine. Because I have so many people on my waiting list I'm finding good homes for hers while assuring people on my list get pet rats in a timely manner. Click here to see their pictures.

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes!
RDPY Joy's Miracle
RDPY Thunder's Blessing
05/03/12 05/27/12 Update: 06/06/12 there are seven boys and seven girls.

Update: 05/31/12 Thunder and her babies are all doing well! She is one of the best mama rats I've ever had.

Update: 05/27/12 Thunder had fourteen babies. Everything went smoothly. At quick glance I believe there are six boys and eight girls. Mama and babies are doing good.

Update: 05/26/12 Thunder continues to grow larger! She should be having them any day now!

Update: 05/12/12 Finally Thunder is warming up to Miracle. I caught her grooming him yesterday, much to his delight!

Update: 05/07/12 Thunder doesn't like Miracle very much. I haven't seen her come in heat and they are not snuggling like most ratties do after they get together. The other night she was pouncing on him all upset with him and he just laid on his back and took her abuse. He's such a gentle guy. All I can figure is the age difference between them. Being she had a young guy last time and this old guy this time, that she doesn't like that, lol. I guess it would be like going out with someone old enough to be your grandpa. :>()

I was so impressed by what a good mother Blessing was I decided to pair her with my big squishy boy Miracle. The babies should have great affectionate personalitie. Some ratties were born to be mom's, Blessing is one of those.

Expecting Russian blue Berkshires with Blazes, all will have dumbo ears.
Click here to see the babies first pictures. WARNING! Cuteness overload, take appropriate percautions, lol!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes!




Off for the summer...see you again in the fall...have a great summer everyone!

Back in October!

RATL McLight
RDPY Smeezer
08/11/12 09/05/12 Update: 09/15/12 There are three wheaten Burmese and two black eyed Siamese. They all have standard fur, thus the fur of McLight is not a rex gene. Or if it is it's not a dominant but a recessive mutation.

Update 09/05/12 Smeezer had five babies today. Three boys and two girls. The babies are really big. She is doing good.

Update: 09/02/12 Smeezer is preggers and should have her babies by the end of this week.

The purpose of this pairing is to try to perserve and recreate the unique fur type McLight and his brother Pierre have. Testing the theory that his fur is a recessive mutation to a rexing gene. If it's a true rex gene some of the babies should have this fur type. If not, pairing siblings together from this litter or back to their father, if his health remains good, should reproduce more of this fur type.

Click here to see babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.

RDPY Heart of Courage
RDPY Linda Rose
08/11/12 09/04/12 Update: 09/05/12 She lost one of her babies. There are only four now. They are all boys.

Linda had five little squeakers!

Expecting black and black marked, Siamese is possible, all standard ears. (Note dwarfs have small litters of 2-4)
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes..

BHR Picasso
EPR Aquamarine
08/11/12 09/15/12 Update: 09/30/12 There appear to be two dwarf males. Both are Russian blue. I will be keeping both. I will continue with the reservation process for the rest of them shortly.

Update: 09/21/12 There are five females and eight males. All appear to be Russian blue. There are two mismarked hooded. The rest appear to be Berkshires.

Update: 09/15/12 Aqua, finally had her babies! She has thirteen of them. Mama and babies are doing good. I'll check on genders in a couple days.

Update 09/05/12 Aqua is still getting bigger but hasn't had them yet.

Update: 09/02/12 Aqua is getting pretty big. I think she'll have a litter by next weekend.

The purpose of this pairing is to produce dwarfs as both these rats are carriers. I will be keeping any dwarfs from this pairing to try and enhance my dwarf lines.

Expecting black, Russian blue, Russian dove, Russian silver and American blue. Some standard ears and some dumbos.
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All of these babies are now living at their forever homes..

RDPY Fuzzy
RATL Magic Spotter
09/07/12 09/29/12 Update: 10/06/12 There are four or five mink colored babies! A couple may be variegated or barebacks.

Update: 10/05/12 Most of the babies appear to be Black Berkshires. Too soon to tell if any are rex rats.

Update: 09/30/12 Magic has thirteen babies. There are eight girls and five boys. Mama and babies are doing good. She is producing a lot of milk and their bellies were overflowing. So they are being fed really well!

Update: 09/29/12 Magic had her babies! Lots of them. I'll do a head count tomorrow.

Update: 09/28/12 Magic is huge! She is right on target with her delivery date.

Update: 09/07/12 They are in together!

Black, possibly marked rats also, in standard and rex coats, some standard ears some dumbo ears.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.

RDPY Galaxy
RDPY Splish Splash
09/07/12 09/30/12 Update: 10/06/12 The babies are looking Russain Dove and Russian Silver!

Update: 10/01/12 There are eleven babies. There are seven boys and four girls.

Update: 09/30/12 Splish is having her babies. There were ten at last count. More information later!

Update: 09/28/12 Splish is getting really big should be right on target with her delivery date.

Update: 09/21/12 I see a baby bump! I think Splish is preggers!

Update: 09/07/12 They are in together!

Expecting all American blue, variegated rats. All will have dumbo ears. Other markings and colors are also possible.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes..

RDPY Heart Of Courage
EPR Poppy
09/07/12 UpdateL 10/06/12 All babies are black mismarked hooded. They are darling

Update: 09/30/12 Poppy has five little babies. There are two girls and three boys. Two of the boys will be available for adoption.

Expecting all dwarf rats, all dumbo ears, mostly hooded in black and Russian blue. (Note: Dwarfs have small litters of 2-4 babies)
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes..

RATL McLight
RDPY Golden Ruby
09/08/12 10/01/12 UpdateL 10/06/12 There might be a couple Siamese or BES not just Wheaten Burmese, even though both parents are Wheatens.

Update: 10/01/12 Ruby has ten little babies. There are six girls and four boys.

Update: 09/28/12 Golden is showing signs of being pregnant. I think a couple days later than what is projected but on the way!

Update: 09/08/12 They are in together!

Expecting Wheaten Burmese and BES possible. Some standard ears some dumbo. Testing the theory that McLight may genetically be a rex may produce some rex/curly/wavy fur babies.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes..

RDPY Rocky Mountain Top
RDPY Thunder's Blessing
09/07/12 10/04/12 Update: 10/06/12 There are eight boys and four girls. I'm very surprized with the markings. The first time I paired Rocky with Thunder they produced a mink Berkshire with a nice wedge blaze and a black Berskhire with a lightening blaze. This time I've got several barebacks with blaze and a possum faces. The boys appear to be more solid colors.

Update: 10/05/12 Thunder has twelve babies. Mama and babies are doing good. Looks like some interesting markings this time around. Some markings I totally was not planning on getting.

Update: 09/28/12 Thunder is getting really big should be right on target with her delivery date.

Update: 09/07/12 They are in together!

This will be Thunder's final litter. She has been one of the best mama rats I've ever had. Dotting and adoring her children, with patience and love, she has produced some wonderful, licky, kissy babies in very pretty colors and markings when she was paired with Rocky earlier this year. Hoping for a repeat. Her health and temperaments have remained excellent. Expecting, mink and black blazed, as well as variegated and other darling markings. All will have dumbo ears.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes..

RTPK Edger Allen Poe
RDPY Patches Lil' Angel
08/11/12 10/04/12 Update: 10/06/12 Yeah, both are rex rats to carry on for Edger who is getting up there in age and slowing down a lot. I'm retiring him and his sons will carry on for him.

Update: 10/05/12 Angel has two little babies. They are both boys. One has a nice mask and the other looks to be Dalamtian with a couple spots on his might fill into a mask upon maturity.

Update: 09/28/12 I put Edger back in with Patches and it appears she is finally going to have some babies! Yeah, fuzzy little rex masked darlings on the way!

Update 09/05/12 Angel still does not look pregnant. So I don't know what happened.

Update: 09/02/12 I'm really not seeing any signs of Angel being pregnant. She was in heat upon pairing and he responded. Everything looked successful. So either the litter is very small, she didn't take or perhaps he's getting so old he is sterile. It's not looking too hopeful that I'm going to be getting fuzzy rex masked ratties. Because of Edger's age and declining health from old age I won't attempt again to re-bred this pair and will retire both of them. I apologize to those wishing to get babies from this litter if she doesn't produce a litter, especially to my good friend Rachel from Minnesota who's been hoping for masked rex rats. I tried...but it's totally out of my hands.

This litter is being bred for my good friend Rachel who will be traveling from Minnosota in hopes of acquiring masked rex rats. Edger is getting up there in age. I hope he is able to do the job for her!

Expecting some rexes, some standard, all with dumbo ears, all with black masks or similar markings.
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None Available
RDPY Carribean
Blazy Blossom
10/06/12 10/31/12 Update: 11/06/12 Blazy has five females and nine males. All babies have some kind of blazes on their faces. Most are black blazed with a few Russian Blues too.

Update: 10/31/12 I have Halloween babies! Blossom had fourteen eppers today! Mama and babies are doing good. I can already see blazes on their little faces. Excited! I'll check for gender in a couple of days.

Update: 10/25/12 Is getting very big. I think she'll have a big litter. I think she'll have her babies first before any of the others paired together.

UpdateP: 10/23/12 Blazy is looking preggers. She should have them sometime next week, right on schedule.

Update: 10/06/12 They are in together! She was in heat upon pairing!

Expecting black blazed rats, possibly Russian blue blazed. All with dumbo ears. This is a great lineage with exceptional health, conformation and temperaments.
Click here to see the babies first pictures!

All of these babies are now living at their forever homes!

EPR Ickis
RDPY My Masked Angel
10/06/12 11/01/12 Update: 11/12/12 Something very unfortunate has happened to Angel's babies. It appears she hasn't been making enough milk. When the first couple disappeared I didn't know what had happened to them. Everyone seemed to have milk bellies but I guess it wasn't enough milk. Today I noticed she only had three of her six babies left and one of them was very thin. She had no milk belly and appeared to be unconcious, though alive. It appears there is only enough milk being made by Angel to support two of the babies as they are growing. So I took the remaining three babies and gave them to Saffire who only has nine. I doubt if the one thin one will make it even with a good milk source, but I'm hoping the other two won't be rejected by Saffire and that they will make it.

Update: 11/06/12 Angel has two females and four males.

Update: 11/01/12 Angel surprised me today and had her babies. I believe there are six of them.

Update: 10/31/12 Angel is starting to gain weight. So I believe she will have a litter in a week or so.

Update: 10/25/12 Masked Angel was really not looking pregnant to me when I checked everyone. If she is going to have a litter she is not that far along or it won't be that big. I'll keep everyone posted.

Update: 10/06/12 They are in together!

Expecting masked rats in Russian blue and black and other similar facial markings. All with dumbo ears
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None Available
EPR Redbud
RDPY Saffire
10/06/12 11/01/12 Update: 11/12/12 Saffire has lost one of her babies. There are only nine now. It's hard to know what happens during the night with litters when I'm not around to observe.

Angel has not been making enough milk to support her litter so I've given her remaining three babies to Saffire and hope she won't reject them.

Update: 11/06/12 Saffie has ten babies, there are four females and six males.

Update: 11/01/12 Saffire has had her babies. I will do a head count shortly. I helped her clean a couple of them off but she was very confused with my assistance and started moving them around frantically. So I'm giving her her space so she realizes I'm not trying to take them away from her.

Update: 10/31/12 Saffire is getting pretty big. Babies should be coming in the next couple days for sure.

Update: 10/25/12 Looks like Saffire is pregnant!

I had put Saffire's sister Royal in with Redbud and she lost her litter. So I'm giving her a chance to heal and putting her sister in with him instead.

Expecting Russian blue blazed rats, marked rats also possible. All will have dumbo ears.
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All of these babies are now living at their forever homes.

RDPY Rocky Mountain Top
Snow Capped Mountain
10/06/12 11/01/12 Update 11/06/12 Snowy has ten males and three females.

Update: 11/02/12 8pm Snowy has thirteen babies! I helped her make a little nest for them as she had them all over the place...more information to follow soon.

Update: 11/02/12 I have great news! Snowy had her babies late last night! I've never had a mama rat get as big as she did. I'm so glad it resulted in a happy ending! More to follow!

Update: 11/01/12 I am fearing the worse. I think that Snowy is going to lose her babies. Something has gone terribly wrong. I think there must not have been enough room for the first baby to get in the correct position and is blocking the others from coming out. I just hope they eventually come out and that she is ok. I can try again later when she is healed. I just need her to be alright. If they don't expel shortly I will start her on antibiotics so she doesn't get an infection. Poor little girl. I feel so bad for her. She is such a sweetheart and would have made a great mama.

Update: 10/31/12 I'm thinking Snowy is going to have her babies today. She is so big I think she might pop. I can actually see one little baby under her arm pit. I don't think there is anymore room for them to grow. I put her wheel back in with her hoping she'd walk on it and they'd move into position. I fear I might lose them from lack of room if she doesn't have them soon. If the first baby to come out is crossways in the opening of the canal or breach the rest would not make it. Say a prayer for little Snowy that her delivery goes ok today.

Update; 10/25/12 Snowy is getting big...should be a next week delivery.

Update: 10/23/12 Snowy is looking preggers! Thinking she'll have them late next week.

Update: 10/06/12 They are in together! She was in heat upon pairing.

Rocky has both dwarf and harley in his pedigree. Breeding his daughter back to him in remote chance of bringing these traits out. Might take a few more line breedings to accomplish this though. Really want to work with Harley coated rats. At the very least this pairing should create black and mink blazed or variegated rats, all with dumbo ears, excellent temperaments and above average conformation.
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These babies are now living at their forever homes.

RDPY Mystery Spot
EPR Flurry
10/06/12 11/15/12 Update: 11/28/12 The little male with the Russian Blue mask is not going to make it. For some reason he is not nursing even when I only put the smallest babies in with him. He keeps leaving the nest and wandering off by himself. I'll find him by himself and he'll be all cold. I'll pick him up and put him back on the nest and shortly later he's left the nest again to be by himself. Today I tried to give him baby formula myself to see if I could feed him and get his strength up, but I think he's too far gone. I heard congestion in his lungs, so he's having a hard time breathing. I think he found it very traumatic me trying to feed him and I decided he'd probably just be happier with his brothers and sisters in his final moments then me try to force him to eat.

Update: 11/26/12 11pm My idea of putting the smallest babies in by themselves for a couple hours seems to have worked. She nursed just them and they had full milk bellies when I added the larger ones back to the nest. I think if I do this a couple times a day the little ones should become more stable.

Update: 11/26/12 I'm not taking reservations for this litter yet. There are a couple babies that are not getting fed enough by Mom and I'm not sure they are going to make it. I have no other mothers to use as a surrogate. I'm going to take the smallest ones and put them in with Mom while I take the larger ones and keep them in my bonding pouch so I'm sure they get a fair meal. The bigger rats are pushing the smaller one's out of the way. There are only 12 feeding stations and fifteen rats needing a meal. Mother had been splitting them into two groups but has stopped doing that, so I'll help her out. I will accept reservations when I post everyone's individual pictures, probably after they open their eyes. This is the last litter I'm doing this season.

Update: 11/20/12 There are several masked ratties showing up in this litter!

Update 11/15/12 Flurry totally surprized me by having a litter. I didn't think she was going to have babies but appears she took toward the end of her visit with Mystery. She has fifteen tiny little babies. There are nine girls and six boys. She has them in two groups but it's unclear if everyone will make it or not, that is a lot of babies and I can't surrogated any to the other mothers as they too have their hands full. All I can do hope for the best.

Update: 10/31/12 Flurry is showing signs of being pregnant now. She'll probably have them later this week.

Update: 10/25/12 Flurry looks like she'll be having babies within the next week or so.

Update: 10/06/12 They are in together! She was in heat upon pairing!

Expecting black rats and other marked rats, some dumbos are possible.
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These babies are now livings at their forever homes.

****** ****** ****** The end of my breeding season.

Please email me to get prescreened for spring litters.
Back in April of 2013!

Understanding my breeding schedule
Terminology for 2012:

"I am Available" means the ratlet is not reserved by anyone and you may contact me to reserve it.

"RDPY TBA" - means the person has reserved the ratlet but has not chosen a name for it yet.

"All the babies are now reserved" - means people have shown an interest in a ratlet and in many cases have paid for them and are waiting for pickup or delivery though they may still be living at the rattery.

"All the babies have now gone to their forever homes" - means the ratlet is no longer living here and lives with it's new parents.

I will be doing deliveries downstate to my Mom's in East Lansing on the following dates:

None planned at this time... To Mapquest her approximate location and distance put: 16400 Upton Rd, East Lansing Michigan 48823. I will provide her exact address when final arrangements are made.

I'm requiring a 5 dollar delivery fee be added for each ratlet I transport down state, this is to cover my gas to and from. So if you are receiving a pair of rittens the total would be 50 per pair to deliver them downstate. (The cost is only 40 if you come to my location to pick them up.)

With gas prices out of control I try to divide the gas costs fairly between all interested parties so I don't burden just one person with the cost of gas. This has worked out very well in the past. :>)

I need eight reservations to make the trip down state as my gas for the trip at current prices has escalated to 80 dollars round trip. But that's how much it would cost each individual if they had to drive to my location to pick them up, plus the time for the trip there and back, so this really is a wonderful opportunity for those who live in the Southern half of Michigan, to get quality pet rats. (Read my past testimonials for the wonderful feedback I've received for my past pets.

Payment for ratties being transported needs to be prepaid before the delivery date. Most people just use Paypal to make the payment and I can send you an invoice from Paypal making it easier for you to make payment.

Any products or supplies you order can be paid with Paypal also as they allow you to use a charge card. Or products can also be paid for in cash upon scheduled pickup. I can bring these items with me downstate to save on shipping costs, you just need to let me know what you want ahead of time. I can also custom make carrying pouches in your favorite colors. These are a highly recommended purchase and you can read more about them at my store link.

Upon completing arrangements for pickup each person will be scheduled in a time slot one hour a part from each other. This is because I give one on one attention to each and every person, answering questions, showing proper handling and bonding procedures and going over proper care and health topics.

I take this extra time because I want to make sure my fur kids and their new owners will be contented with each other and my little ratlets will continue to thrive in their new environments.

I'm not just doing this to promote rats as pets, I'm doing this to educate the public on proper care and handling of this unique animal too. They are very intelligent creatures and have feelings and emotions much like a two year old human child. They are not like hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and rabbits, they are friendly and social, and interact and bond with their owners much like dogs do. They can get EXTREMELY attached to their human friends if given the right environment. I help you learn what that environment is.

Getting your pet rats from me is a great value for your money as you'll receive a nice pedigree certificate and a lifetime of email assistance for your pets. I'm always available to assist with any behavioral or medical issues that you have. I always make time for my customers to assure they get all the help they need for the lifespan of the pets they acquire from me. I do not disappear after the sale. Your happiness and your pets happiness is very important to me. :>()

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