Presenting: CMMR Frolic of RDPY

CMMR Frolic of RDPY, a Russian Blue Agouti, Variegated

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
12/26/09 Russian Blue Agouti Variegated w/Headspot Dumbo Frolic really doesn't live up to her name. I think Cameo Mist should have been named Frolic,lol. Anyway, Frolic is a nice girl though not that outgoing. I guess that is good because Cameo lives in the same housing unit as Frolic and it's all I can do to keep up with her antics, let alone add some more to the mix, lol.

Frolic is a pretty girl. I haven't decided if I will breed her or not though as I'm really trying to move away from standard ears to all dumbo ears. We'll see how it goes and how her health remains.
Update: 12/10/10 Tragedy has struck my rattery! Today I found Frolic and four other ratties dead in the big girls cage in the basement. My gigantic ferret cage. There were five others in this cage that were fine. We couldn't find anything wrong with the five that died, but what we did find was one of the water bottles at the bottom of the cage had been untouched, it was still full. Lee said when he went to check on everyone he noticed three of the bottles were empty but there was still one on the bottom that was full so he thought they had enough water.

We think the bottle at the bottom was still full because it was malfunctioning, thus several died of dehydration. We have since replaced it with a new one.

Just a reminder to everyone check your water bottle weekly to make sure they are actually able to get water from them. They can fail as time passes. Don't learn a lesson the hard way like I just did!

As of 07/22/10 her health has been excellent.

Pedigree Of CMMR Frolic of RDPY
BreedRussian Blue Agouti Variegated w/headspot
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
PH Go Figure of CMMR
Russian Blue Berkshire w/Headspot
SERR Bentley of PH
Black Berkshire Dumbo
Black Berkshire
DNSR Berkley
Black Berkshire Dumbo
DNSR Dexter
Blue Berkshire Dumbo
DNSR Firefly
Beige Hooded Dumbo
DNSR Marion
American Blue Hooded
DNSR Kipper
Blue Hooded
DNSR Shutter
Blue Hooded Dumbo
CAMA Lotus of SERR
Blue Agouti Dumbo
Black Berkshire Double Rex Dumbo
CAMA Ruff Stuff
Black Berkshire Rex
CAMA Nick of Time
Black Berkshire Rex
CAMA Sister
Cinnamon Irish Dumbo
CAMA Little Acorn
Mink Merle Berkshire Dumbo
RRLM Jolene
Cinnamon Dumbo
PH Bella Sera
Russian Blue Berkshire
PCKG Hershey of PH
Sable Burmese
HGLR Agate
Russian Blue Wheaten
BSR Argus
Russian Blue Agouti
HGLR Phoebe
Russian Blue Wheaten
PCKG Camico
Sable Blue
PCKG Vincent
RRLM Blue Curacao
Blue Burmese Self
PH Belladonna
Russian Blue Masked
ANR D'Artagnan of PH
Black Blazed Capped Rex Dumbo
BN D'Orion of ANR
Russian Blue Bareback
ANR Sarri Song
Black Variegated Rex Dumbo
Ph Pheonix
Black Variegated
CMMR Fun N' Games
Agouti Patched Rex
CMMR Insanity
Agouti Berkshire Dwarf
CAMA Back In Black of CMMR
Black Berkshire w/Headspot Dwarf
WCRR Luke Duke of Cama
Seal Point Siamese Hooded
PNS Beau Duke of Cama
Agouti Hooded Dwarf
WCRR Blackie
Black Berkshire
WCRR Daisy Duke of CAMA
Black Berkshire w/Head Spot
PNS Beau Duke of Cama
Agouti Hooded Dwarf
WCRR Blackie
Black Berkshire
PCKG Mercedes CMMR
Agouti Self
RRLM Ettiene
Wheaten Burmese Dwarf
RRLM Alvin 2
Wheaten Burmese Irish Dwarf
RRLM Nymeria
Pink Eyed White Dwarf
RRLM Bobkat
Mink Dumbo
RRLM Bobet
Russian Blue
RRLM Katiana
Blue Dumbo
PH Cover Girl of CMMRRRLM Ruxpin of PH
Cinnamon Berkshire Velveteen
RRLM Milhouse
Mink Capped Rex
CWR Mick
Mink Irish Merle Dumbo Rex
RRLM Tansy
Black Blazed Possum
RRLM Fazule
RRLM Perdita
Mink Dumbo
ANR Abigail of PH
Russian Blue Dalmatian Rex
ANR Lakewalker
Russian Blue Berkshire Rex Dumbo
ANR Romy
Russian Blue Dumbo
ANR Freya
Russian Blue Blazed Capped Rex Dumbo
BN Arya of ANR
Black Masked
RSCL D'Lukas of BN
Black Dalmatian
BN PX Jango
Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo

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