Presenting: CMMR Little Mousie of RDPY

CMMR Little Mousie of RDPY, a tiny little mouse like dwarf pet rat

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
04/28/10 Agouti Berkshire Dwarf These pictures are close-up shots of Mousie, who lives up to her name. Not much bigger than a tiny little mouse, she even looks like a mouse. She is as small as Lil' Angel, they are both dwarf, dwarfs. In otherwords true tiny rats, not just small rats.

Mousie however appears to be a little smarter than Angel is and a little more cautious. She didn't attempt to jump off the shelf and actually stood still for a couple of nice pictures.

She is a really nice little squirt too!
Update: 09/11/12 Lil' Mousie has left me for the Bridge. She lived a good long life. She was a darling little rattie. RIP Little friend.

As of 07/22/10 her health has been excellent.

Pedigree Of CMMR Lil' Mousie of RDPY
BreedAgouti Berskhire Dwarf
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
PH Prime Time of CMMR
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo
PH Elvis
Cinnamon Harley Dumbo
RRLM Templeton of PH
Agouti Irish
RRLM Zoolander of PCKG
Mink Harley Dumbo
RRLM Fedor
BES Rex Dumbo
RRLM Berber
Burmese Dumbo
RRLM Medusa
Black Eyed Himalayan Velveteen Dwarf
PCKG Maximus
Black Eyed Siamese
RRLM Nymeria
Pink Eyed White Dwarf
PCKG Midge of PH
Agouti Irish
RRLM Zoolander of PCKG
Mink Harley Dumbo
RRLM Fedor
BES Rex Dumbo
RRLM Berber
Burmese Dumbo
HGLR Agnes
Russian Blue Burmese
BSR Argus
Russian Blue Agouti
HGLR Phoebe
Russian Blue Wheaten
PH Dewdrop
Russian Blue Blazed Bareback Rex Dumbo
ANR D'Artagnan of PH
Black Blazed Capped Rex Dumbo
BN D'Orion of ANR
Russian Blue Bareback
RSCL D'Lukas of BN
Black Dalmatian
BN PX Jango
Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo
ANR Sarri Song
Black Variegated Rex Dumbo
ANR Forrest Gump
Charcoal Blazed Bareback Rex Dumbo
ANR Illusionish
Black Variberk Dumbo
PH Zelda
Biege Berkshire w/Headspot Dumbo
PH Pilot
Silvered Black Berkshire Dumbo
Ben of PH
Russian Blue Berkshire
Pearl of PH
"Silver" Point Siamese Dumbo
ANR Cameo of PH
Russian Blue Agouti Dalmatian Dumbo
EDGE Hambone
Fawn Bareback Rex
ANR Molly Ivins
Russian Blue Dalmatian Dumbo
CMMR Kaleidoscope
Pearl Merle Self Dwarf
CMMR Blazin Guns
Black Irish w/Blaze
CMMR Casper
Pearl Merle Berkshire
CMMR Bonsai
Mink Merle Self
CMMR Little Riddle
Mink Merle Berkshire
PH Maybelline of CMMR
Black Berkshire w/Headspot
RRLM Ruxpin of PH
Cinnamon Berkshire Velveteen
RRLM Milhouse
Mink Capped Rex
ANR Abigail of PH
Russian Blue Dalmatian Rex
ANR Lakewalker
Russian Blue Berkshire Rex Dumbo
BN Arya of ANR
Black Masked
CMMR Sakura
Pearl Merle Self Dwarf
CMMR Ruger
Lilac Irish
PCKG California Dreamin of CMMR
Cinnamon Self
CMMR Beretta
Black Irish
CMMR Hot Wasabi
Cinnamon Pearl Merle Self
PCKG California Dreamin of CMMR
Cinnamon Self
Haiku CMMR
Pearl Merle Irish

Another picture of Little Mousie, a very tiny little dwarf pet rat
Here is another shot of Mousie, who truly does look like a little mouse and is the same size as one also.

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