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RDPY Camie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
03/20/02 Beige
Blazed Berkshire
Standard Coat
Standard Ear
Camie is probably one of the sweetest ratties in the world. She sure is one of my sweetest. She is the Grandmother or Great Grandmother, to just about everyone who lives at my rattery. She is so good natured and gets along with everyone. Her offspring have had some very unusual markings. Camie is still very alert and active. She makes little noises like she is trying to talk to you, she has made these sounds since the day I acquired her. I thought all ratties made these sounds, no just her. I think if she could she would try and talk to me. Camie, either injured herself or had a stroke about eight months ago, or she may have had "head tilt." She sometimes carries her head a little to her right side, but walks on her wheel everyday. Her balance is still off somewhat, she can be knocked off her feet if someone pushes her the right or wrong way. She has also had a boil/cyst, under her chin that popped and is now completely healed. Other than that, she is very healthy.

UPDATE: 3-7-04. Camie is getting ready to turn two years old. Yesterday I noticed the start of a small tumor by her lower leg nipple. She is active and alert, still walks on her wheel everyday and does not seem to be bothered by this small growth at all.

UPDATE: 9-11-04, I had Camie humanely put to sleep, as her tumor continued to grow and was inoperable. It had traveled to her lymph nodes. She is greatly missed. She was so sweet. She was the great grandmother or grandmother to most of my other rattie children.
I don't have any pedigree information for Camie.
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