Presenting: SWR Curry

SWR Curry, a Beige Hooded Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
10/19/04 Beige
Mismarked Hooded
Standard Coat
Standard Ear
I got Curry from a different rattery. I haven't had him that long so I don't know too much about him. He seems like a nice boy. He doesn't seem squirmy or nippy, bitey. As of 03/07/05 his health is good. Anything up until this date, I'm unaware of.

11/01/05 He has gotten headtilt. He has adjusted to it very well and is still active and assertive with his cage mates. Not letting them get the best of him or use his disability against him.

11.23.06 even though Curry has lived with a disability for a while now. He has lived a good life. His brother passed away today and he himself is not doing very well. He is unstable when he walks, like he could tumble sideways. I think he will be following close behind his brother to rainbow bridge. I don't give him much more than a week. His other cage mate Elliot is really old, and he too is not doing good.

11.28.06 I found Curry dead inside the hut with Elliot today. I was right about him following his brother. Now they are back together again at Rainbow Bridge. He died of old age and peacefully, but now poor Elliot is all by himself.

Pedigree Of: SWR Curry
Reg. #05SWR0014/07M
BreedBeige Mismark Hooded
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
HRH Bayou Blues
American Blue, Mismarked Hooded
HRH Patrick
Blue Hooded
HRH Misty
Blue American Berkshire
HRH Elmer
Beige Berkshire
HRH Sally
Agouti Blaze
MRM Sprocket
Fawn Capped
Ace of MRMUnknown
MRM Einstein of RDPY
Fawn Berkshire
Spuds of MRM
Black Dalmatian
Brain of MRM
Havana Berkshire
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