Presenting: CRH Dumbolee of RDPY

CRH Dumbolee

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
11/20/2003 Charcoal Bareback
Standard Coat
He is so darn cute and has the personality to match. Darling, lovable, cuddly. He brings a smile to your face just looking at him. His health has been excellent.

As of 03/07/05 his health continues to be good. Nothing to report at this time.

He died of heart disease on 07/15/05.

Dumbolee's Mother is MAD Lickorish and her Father is Lil' Guy of CRH. Lil' Guy does not have a pedigree. Click here to see Lickorish's pedigree.

Last Updated On: 12/04/05
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