Presenting: RH Flashy Girl of RDPY

RH Flashy Girl of RDPY, A Dalamatian Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
02/12/03 Split Capped Dalmatian
Rex Coat
Standard Ear
Carries Dumbo)
Flashy has one of the sweetest personalities I've ever seen in a fancy rat. She is gentle, and undemanding. She is inquisitive but not overly hyper. She likes to be cuddled. She loves people and gets along very well with the other females.

Currently Flashy's health is good. A month or so back she started sneezing, so I put her on antibiotics for a week and it stopped her sneezing before it turned into something more serious, but she lost her litter of babies, to reabsorption. One day she was pregnant the next she wasn't.

After talking with individuals with more experience than me and doing research on the Internet, I came to the conclusion the type of antibiotics I used was the cause. I have now rebred her and she is expecting her rittens anytime.

Flashy had four babies. They were born on March 19, 2004. One was born dead. The other three I kept, they were so cute.

UPDATE: As of 11/28/2004, Flashy Girl had a stroke today. She is currently paralyzed on her left side. She can drink water from a cup I place in front of her and is eating her food from the bottom of the healing units floor. The unit is sitting on a heating pad, low setting. She is having a hard time breathing. The outcome does not look good. Ironically today is also the day that her daughter Tashie, had seven babies.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Flashy left for the Rainbow Bridge at 1:36pm on 11/29/04.

Pedigree Of: RH Flashy Girl of RDPY
Reg. #040254/F
BreedSplit Capped, Dalmatian, Carries Dumbo
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
RH Zoey
Blue Split Capped, Dumbo Carrier
RH Pheazbie
Blue Blazed, Variegated, Dumbo Carrier
Rouge's Baloo
Blue VariBerk, Double Rex, Dumbo Carrier
Rouge's Speckles
Pearl Merle Self, Dumbo Carrier
Rouge's Velvet
Blue Rex Dumbo
RH Ginger
Black Variberk Rex, Dumbo Carrier
RH Valient
Chocolate Blazed, Bareback Dumbo
RH Clara
Blue Berkshire Patchwork Hairless
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