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RRLM Hemmi of RDPY

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
02/10/2008 Black Eyed Himalayan
Hemmi is one of the female dwarf ratties I got from California. I do believe she is completely crazy or at the very least dumb...but in a sweet kind of way.

I went to take her picture and she was darned and determined to fly off the end of the shelf and didn't care if she dropped six feet to the ground. I kept catching her when she would fall. I don't know if she thought that was fun or what. But time after time she'd run to the end of the shelf and dive off into my hands a foot below. Maybe she just trusts me unconditionally or something. It was all I could do to get her to hold still to take her picture.

She definitely has a "hemmi" under the hood, lol. She is one of the ratties that likes to hang upside down from the top of the cage, like a monkey. Fairy Bug is really good at that stunt too. Makes me laugh so hard.

Hemmi loves to have one of the bigger ratties run on the wheel and she goes spinning round and around holding on like she's on a roller coaster ride. Yup...I do believe Hemmi is super hyper and a crazy little thing. She loves the thrills and adventure. She knows no fear. She is really sweet though, when you can get her to hold stil, lol.

She just ate two crackers from my hands and is now cuddled inside the layers of my shirt. I think she's finally winding down. :>)
Update: 03/13/11 After note: I'm learning that the abscesses that show up behind a ratties ear are a secondary symptom. What is usually happening is the rattie has a tumor growing inside behind the abscess. As it grows it pushes muscle and tissue forward and the pressure makes it break through the skin. You can treat the abscess but it never heals because the pressure is still being applied internally where you can't see. In the future I will try using steroids to shrink the tumor and there are some other meds I can try to slow down the spreading cancer. These types of cancers are usually inoperable and the most you can do is delay the fatality of them.

Update: 11/30/09 Hemmi died today. I tried the best I could to keep the abscess sight open to drain, but it hurt and she'd cry when I tried to clean it out.

I'd put Neosporin on the outside to try and keep it from scabbing over so it would drain, but she'd lick it off. The abscess wouldn't stay open to drain and pus built up inside leading to infection which is the cause of death.

I got a chance to say my goodbye's as last night she would not eat or drink food and was semi-conscious. She did not appear to be suffering or in distress as I think the infection got into her blood stream. I petted her and hugged her and told her how much I had enjoyed knowing her. She had always been so robust and full of life and energy, I thought she'd live passed her second birthday for sure.

I'm not sure what causes these abscesses behind a ratties ear like this, but this is the third time I've seen them and it is a fatal outcome. They are unable to lick the site clean for themselves yet won't allow us to clean it out and is within biting range if you try.

The location and the ratties basic nature won't allow us humans to administer the care needed without constant sedation.

Hemmi was the sweetest little thing and I adored her. She has several children to carry on for her, and it's through my ratties children that helps me endure the pain of the loss. Sometimes the grief is overwhelming to me, so I just focus on the love they left behind and know they are still with me.

Update: 11/14/09 Poor little Hemmi has developed an abscess behind her right ear. It has popped and drained but she is not leaving it alone. I have her on amoxicillin to help get the infection out and give her a doxy "ball" (doxycycline, peanut butter, honey and vanilla extract, rolled in flour) to keep other things at bay that could hinder her healing, but it is appearing the abscess is resurfacing or fluid filling back up in front of her ear.

I'm trying very hard to get the infection out but when it's in this location it's very hard to get them to leave it alone and they make the problem worse. I've lost several ratties to abscess in this area because they made the problem so severe complications of the wound site lead to their eventual death.

I wish we could just tell our little rattie children not to touch or pick at their wounds so they will heal, but I think they start to itch so they react to that, not knowing they are creating worse problems for themselves.

As of 07/16/08 her health is above normal, lol. So much energy she'll live to be ten at least. :>)

Pedigree Of: RRLM Hemmi
BreedBlack Eyed Himalayan Dumbo Dwarf
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Black Eyed Himalyan Dwarf Dumbo
RRLM Johann
BES Dumbo
OFR Earle
Black Eyed Himalayan Velveteen
Sir Lancelot of OFR
Black Eyed Seal Point Siamese
OFR Snow White
Seal Point Siamese Velveteen
OFR Princess
Black Eyed Seal Point Siamese Velveteen
Sir Lancelot of OFR
Black Eyed Seal Point Siamese
OFR Snow White
Seal Point Siamese Velveteen
RRLM Maybie
Himalyan Dumbo
RRLM Hubie
Burmese Irish
OFR Duke
Agouti Velveteen Dwarf
RRLM Macey
Agouti Irish Hairless Dumbo
RRLM Hot Pie
Fawn Berkshire Dumbo Dwarf
RRLM Tracey
Black Irish Hairless
RRLM Mesquite
Black Self Dumbo
Hickory of RRLM
Black Hairless Dumbo
RRLM Scurry
Black Dumbo
RRLM Toyota
Black Dumbo
RRLM Shadow 2
Russian Blue Dumbo
RRLM Simona
Seal Point Siamese Dumbo
RRLM Tacoma
Black Dumbo
RRLM Shadow 2
Russian Blue Dumbo
RRLM Simona
Seal Point Siamese Dumbo

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