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Lifespan: 21 months
Agouti Perfect SelfF
Full Blooded Wild Norwegian Rat

Genotype: A/*B/*C/*D/*G/*M/*P/*R/*

Hurkie is a full blood wild Norwegian rattie, that I rescued from my dog, at about five days old. I raised her with an eye dropper and puppy replacement formula. She has a sister named Ruggie.

Hurkie is sweet, even tempered and has bonded closely with me and only me. She is a one person rattie. I'm the only one she trusts. She is sensitive to noises. She feels safe inside my shirt. At times when she has gotten out and I want to try and catch her I just open up my shirt collar and she climbs right in. I can actually coax her out from hiding by opening my shirt layers up. When she sees that safe dark hiding spot, she comes right out of her cage and hops into my shirt.

Hurkie likes it when I walk around with her inside my shirt. She pokes her head out the top and looks around at everything. She is gentle and non aggressive. She has never tried to bite, or even squeak, she does not run and hide from me and has never acted defensive.

Note: Hurkie died on 12/15/03 of a respiratory infection. Several antibiotics were administered without success. I miss her so much.

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