Presenting: MRM Ida

MRM Ida, a Black Bareback Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
10/26/02 Black Bareback
Standard Coat
Standard Ear
She is a very sweet and gentle rattie. She is very old, and came to my rattery very late in life. You would never know she was going to be three. She looks and acts like a very young rattie, except she has vision problems. She came to my rattery with cataracts. She is almost blind in one eye. As of 03/31/05 her health is excellent, despite her vision problems and the fact that she will be three years old later this year.

Ida went blind in both eyes. She was living in an outdoor pen during the summer and got out. I found her dead in the horse pen. She must not have been able to see to find her way back. She died around 8/15/05.

Pedigree Of: MRM Ida of RDPY
Reg. #050272/NF
BreedBlack Bareback

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