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Item# 018A
Gallon Bags of Aspen Bedding

Bags of Aspen Bedding for Pet Rats

Item Description:
This is my favorite bedding choice for my pet rats and I've tried EVERYTHING on the market there is.

The reason why I like this the best is because it's a cost effective option, plus it's not harmful to pet rats lungs, it's biodegradable and will turn to mulch or can be burned in a burn barrel or even scatter the used bedding and rat droplets on the ground or add to the soil in a garden as fertilizer.

Many other bedding choices have problems associated with them. Pine and cedar beddings are too strong of an odor for pet rats to breath day in and day out. It would be like us sitting in an office cubicle next to someone who wore a strong perfume all the time, or smelling paint fumes, after a while you'd start to gag at the smell and cough and need fresh air. That's what happens to ratties having to breath in pine and cedar smells. Aspen doesn't have much smell to it at all.

Corn cob beddings, when they get wet can turn moldy very quickly, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The cobs trap in the urine's moisture and maggots can even be found in it if not changed frequently.

Carefresh, the soft gray fluffy stuff has been known to harbor fur mites, a gift from them to your thoughtful of them to package these parasites directly from the factory...hmmmmm.

Price List:
$2 for a gallon size bag purchased directly from me
$7 shipped to anywhere in the U.S.

For shipping to other countries please email me for a shipping total.

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Item# 018B
Gallon Bags of Shredded Paper

Bags of Shredded Paper to be Used as Pet Rat Bedding

Item Description:
This is homemade pet rat bedding, an alternative to using aspen bedding. You just throw the used bedding out with the regular garbage for disposal. This type of bedding is best used for pet rats that are at least several months old and not babies who can sometimes sample and chew things. Adult rats can sometimes chew on their bedding, especially females who love making nesting material out of almost anything, but they don't actually eat it. Babies haven't figured that out yet, that it's yekky and doesn't taste so good.

It doesn't have any odor to it at all but there has been some controversy about the dyes/inks used in colored papers. I've not had any problems with this type of bedding, and have actually found it extremely helpful in keeping down odor and the moisture content in the housing area.

Price List:
$1 In house item only

How many in stock? 10

A thank you note to my customers: I'm not able to purchase my products at wholesale prices. I buy at retail just like you, therefore it may cost more to buy these from me than you could get somewhere else. I'm just offering these as a convenience to my customers. When products are purchased it helps to support my efforts of running a quality rattery and supplying quality pets. I greatly appreciate my customers support of my efforts, thank you so much!

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