Pet Rat Carrying Pouches Information

Item# 008
Carrying and Bonding Pouches

Pet Rat Carrying Pouches

Note: Various fabrics are used to create these. This picture represents approximately what they look like.

Item Description:

My pet rat bonding and carrying pouches are perfect for getting to know your little fur friend and for taking them with you wherever you go. These pouches make your pet rats feel safe, secure and warm. This is the perfect solution for bathroom accidents too, let's you interact without your pets going potty on your clothing.

They are approximately 12"L x 8"H and will hold one or two pet rats.

The outside layer is usually an neutral shade of off white and the inside fleece are various solid colors.

This is a very versatile product. It comes with an accenting ribbon that you tie to the pouch and can adjust around your neck or you can use it on your lap, you can loop the ribbon strap into carrying straps and carry it around and it can even be used to hang inside the cage as a pouch hammock.

This item is one of my best sellers because of it's versatility and usefulness. It has been an absolute hit with young children because it allows them to slowly adjust to their new pets and gain confidence in being around them.

They are completely washable and dryable on cool cycles.

Price List:
$10 if purchased directly from me
$13.25 shipped to anywhere in the United States

For shipping to other countries please email me for a shipping total.

Colors Available

Color Quanity
008A Bright Pink 0 in stock
008B Apricot 0 in stock
008C Purple 1 in stock
008D Orange 1 in stock
008E Gold 4 in stock
008F Baby Blue 2 in stock
008G Light Yellow 1 in stock
008H Light Pink 1 in stock
008I Light Purple 0 in stock
008J Mint Green 2 in stock
008K Black 2 in stock
008L Brown 1 in stock
008M Red 2 in stock
008N Maroon 2 in stock
008O Moss Green 0 in stock
008P Turquoise 2 in stock
008Q Green 4 in stock
008R Blue 2 in stock
008S Navy 0 in stock
008T Lilac 0 in stock

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