Information on Four Piece Hammock Sets

I have a very nice selection of sets and hammocks in my eBay Quality Pet Rat Hammocks and Etsy Quality Pet Hammocks stores. Please visit my stores find something you like, then email me with the item number or a description of your selection rather than purchasing it directly from them. I will dicount your items from buying them directly from me.

Set Description and Dimensions: Each set comes with these four main components: A small double layered hammock, that is approximately 10" x 12". A medium size tunnel hammock with two end openings and one on top. It is approximately 14.5" x 6.5". And a swing hammock which is approximately 11" x 11" when laid flat.

The set also comes with an igloo snuggle mat, that fits under plastic igloo huts that are 10" in diameter. The front is open so your pets can climb inside as well as lay on top of it. They are reversible. It has a grommet that allows it to be attached to the floor to hold it in place or a cage bar will hold it too. It can be used without the igloo huts as a stand alone dark, warm and snuggly place to hide and sleep.

These little mats are especially good for people with older rats who aren't as agile for climbing into hammocks and would rather sleep on the cage floor or shelf.

Sample Picture

Example of a four piece hammock set

This is an example of what the sets I make look like hanging in the cage.

This set costs $25 if purchased at my location or $30.00 shipped to anywhere in the United States.

Made to order 30 in stock.

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