Pet Rat Transport - Vacation - Housing Units

These items are all in house items only. You may pick them up when you visit me or have me bring them with me when I do rattie deliveries down state or to your location.

Item# 014A
Take Home Carrier

Pet Rat Take Home Case

Item Description:
This is a cost effect carrying case to take your young ratlet home in. It's approximate size is 12L"x8"Wx4"H It is only suitable for young or baby ratties to make the short journey from my house to yours. It would not be acceptable to keep your pet in this type of unit for more than an hour. If you live further away from me than that I recommend my pet rat transport case instead. (See below for more information.)

Price List:
$3 In house item only

How many in stock? 4

Item# 014B
Transport Case

Pet Rat Transport Case

Item Description:
This is a homemade pet rat transport case, for both young and adult pet rats or other small exotic pets. It is light weight and easy to clean.

This transport case allows for the use of a water bottle. (I recommend the small non-leak kind found in my store.) This transport unit has the proper ventilation necessary to keep your pets comfortable for extended trips.

This type of transport can be used for weekend trips, as long as your pets get time out of it to stretch their legs and get proper exercise. This transport case is not acceptable for permament housing of your pets.

It's approximate size is: 12"Lx8"Wx10.5"H. It has a handle on top for convenient carrying of your pet and a secure locking lid. Currently I'm able to get these with a spring green lid and not the blue shown in the picture.

Price List:
$12 In house item only

How many in stock? 2

Item# 014C
Pet Rat Starter Set

Homemade Rat Housing Unit- All inclusive

Item Description:
This is a pet rat starter unit. It is homemade and great for 2-4 pet rats or other small exotic pets. It's a permanent housing unit. It is lightweight and easy to clean and sterilize.

It has adequate ventilation, unlike aquariums of a similar size. There is wire meshing on all four sides and the top for cross ventilation, which helps keep the air inside a better quality.

It comes with everything a first time pet owner would need. It has a nice n' cozy, quality, double layered hide and peak hammock, with latches, a 32oz water bottle, an 11 inch wire mesh running wheel, a 10 inch plastic igloo hut, and a food dish. It also comes with a bag of aspen bedding, enough for your first week with your pet, and a bag of food I use for my pet rats.

I actually like these homemade units better than cages for the following reasons: They are so much easier to completely wash, scrub, sanitize or bleach out. The cleaner you can get their housing unit more often the less often you have air borne bacteria that can cause infections or create an environment where myco infections can thrive. Keeping their housing area spotless can also keep away fur mites and lice.

These bin housing units are a perfect first time home for small young little ratlets as they can't fit between the bars, like most of the other cages models. Most cages are more suited for the adult pet rat, not babies.

These types of units allow you to see your pets through them but protect your pets from other animals you might have in your house, such as cats or dogs. They also have wiring small enough as to make it hard for young children to get their fingers or hands injured. They have secure locking lids that a young child would not no how to undo and they are light weight for moving and picking up to clean.

These units are also light weight enough you can use them to take your pets on vacation with you, so you never have to leave your pets behind!

The styles and colors of the lids may vary depending on what's available on the market, but their approximate size is: 30"Lx16"Wx12.5"H. (Currently I'm able to get these with a spring green lid.)

Price List:
$65 In house item only

How many in stock? 2

Item 014D
10 Inch Igloo Hut

Plastic Igloo Hut, 10 Inch Size

Price List:
$9 In house item only

How many in stock? 6

A thank you note to my customers: I'm not able to purchase my products at wholesale prices. I buy at retail just like you, therefore it may cost more to buy these from me than you could get somewhere else. I'm just offering these as a convenience to my customers. When products are purchased it helps to support my efforts of running a quality rattery and supplying quality pets. I greatly appreciate my customers support of my efforts, thank you so much!

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