My Selection of Hanging Pet Hammock Houses

I have a very nice selection of sets and hammocks in my eBay Quality Pet Rat Hammocks and Etsy Quality Pet Hammocks stores. Please visit my store find something you like, then email me with the item number or a description of your selection rather than purchasing it directly from them. I will discount your items from buying them directly from me. Please visit my store find something you like, then email me with the item number or a description of your selection rather than purchasing it off of eBay. They charge me so much in fees I will be eventually closing the store and everything will be posted on this web site. You will always get a better deal buying directly from me then shopping on eBay.
Below is a picture showing one of my "happy" pet condo houses or hanging cube hammock houses for exotic pets. The little rattie posing in the picture is named Mysterian. He has a black mask and dumbo ears. Isn't he just darling?! :>)

Item# 013
Mysterian, a darling masked pet rat poses in a cozy hanging condo/cube house!

Item Description:
They are approximately 8"x8"x8". The floor is stitched in place so your pets can't pull up on the fabric to chew it or climb inside the layers of the floor. I've also added an extra layer of canvas type fabric in between the layers of the floor to help reduce it sagging under your pets weight.

There aren't any inside seams for your pets to chew on, helping them to last longer. They attach from the top of the cage in a way that the attachments can't be chewed off by your pet making them more stable and durable.

They have a larger front door, (5-6 inches) that allows you to take your pets out of the house and easily clean the house out too.

And also as part of my original design, my condos have concealed back door exits!

This unique design concept caters to a pet rats natural desire to be able to escape, but the door is designed in such a way as to allow for privacy and darkness for great sleeping.

I truly have some unique design concepts with my condo houses, that most people call "cube" houses. And I feel I make the best hanging pet rat houses out there!

Also, if you have pets that like to chew let me know and I can also sew both layers of the sides of the condo so they can't chew to climb inside the side layers either.

Each condo comes with a set of metal latches for hanging in the cage.

Price List:
$15 if purchased directly from me
$18.50 shipped to anywhere in the U.S.

For shipping to other countries please email me for a shipping total.

I also make a larger size house which is big enough for a ferret, chinchilla and several pet rats. It's a 9.5"x9.5"x9.5". They are $20 if purchased directly from me or $25 shipped to anywhere in the U.S. (I ship worldwide, contact me for exact shipping costs to your location.)

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