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Running Wheels With 4" Running Surface

Eleven Inch Excerise Wheel for Pet Rats- Super Pet Run-About

Item Description:
This is an eleven inch, wire mesh, running wheel with a four inch wide running surface. It can be used by sitting it on the bottom floor of their housing unit or hanging it off from the side of the cage bars.

I specialize in pet rat behavior and after having my pet rats try every style running wheel on the market, from silent runners, to wodent wheels, this style wheel is by far, my little fur friends favorite style of running wheel.

The reason it is so well received is, it allows them to grip the wire meshing with their toes and nails, which allows them more speed and stabilization. Plus the wire mesh allows them to look through the wheel to their surroundings and not a plastic wall in front of them. The use of this type of wheel can also help naturally keep their toe nails trimmed down.

If you were jogging on a treadmill would you want a plastic wall directly in front of you to look at, for hours on end? Wouldn't it be so much better to look out a window or into the room?

For baby ratlets and adolescence aged ratties, this wheel becomes a much sought after toy. Mama rattie teaches them to use the wheel, then they quickly learn that if they run side by side or a group of them run at the same time they can stop and hang on flying up and over just like a roller coaster. I've seen eight babies on this wheel while Mom provides the momentum and they are all flying up and over hanging on with their feet. They will do this for hours on end. Mom jumps over the babies as they come around at the bottom, which is extra good exercise for her.

Watching this process of babies flying around on the wheel has brought me to tears with laughter. The fun they have with this wheel is undescribably hilarious. Both adults and kids think this is a blast. Even as young adults I'll see a couple running side by side and one will stop allowing the other to fly up and over the top, then they'll take turns letting each other have the "joy ride."

This style of wheel has been a source of controversy over the years, but I've never seen a single injury or a case of "bumblefoot" result while using this style of wheel, and I've raised over 1100 pet rats using it. Not only is it a healthy choice but from a psychological perspective it's a preferred choice.

This wheel's design is backed by Dr. Foster and Smith as safe and its unique design is considered safe for ratties tails also.

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$12.50 In house item only

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