My Selection of Swing Hammocks

Item# 007 Designer
Swing Hammocks

A pet rat named Gemmi swings in her hammock                 A pet rat named Robin's Jewel loves his swing hammock!

Item Description
My creative and original swing hammocks have now become my number one selling item besides my bonding and socialization pouches!

They are approximately 11" in diameter when your furry friends are in them and they can hold 2-4 pet rats, each having it's own window view.

These neat hammocks aren't just a sleeping area for your pets they are a fun toy too! They rock and sway and turn around in a circle. They help teach your pets agility and problem solving skills.

I make two types of these hammocks. There is the designer style, which are colorful and creative using lighter weight fabrics. I also make a heavy duty style out of upholstery fabrics or all fleece. My all fleece swings are also suitable for sugar gliders.

When these hammocks are filled out they act a lot like a hanging pouch. Their design takes up less room in the cage and the added ventilation in their design lessens the desire for your pets to have to chew air holes in the materials, helping them to last longer than other designs I've seen.

Price List:
$10 for designer style if purchased directly from me
$12.50 shipped to anywhere in the U.S.

For shipping to other countries please email me for a shipping total.

Item# 007 All Fleece
Swing Hammock

All fleece swing hammock, for pet rats in a shades of purple All fleece swing hammock in shades of green, made for pet rats!

Item Description:
Here are some examples of my all fleece swing hammocks. Fabrics available will vary.
These swings hold 2-4 pet rats!

Price List:
$12 If purchased directly from me
$14.50 shipped to anywhere in the U.S

I have a very nice selection of sets and hammocks in my eBay store. Quality Pet Rat Hammocks or Quality Pet Hammocks. Please visit my stores find something you like, then email me with the item number or a description of your selection rather than purchasing it from them. You will always get a better deal buying directly from me.

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