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Latest News: 02/04/15 I have many nice items in my eBay and Etsy stores. If you see someting in my stores that you like just email me here and I can give you a better deal buying it directly from me. I appreciate your patronage and look forward to continuing to offer great home sewn items for all your furry pets.

I have a very nice selection of sets and hammocks in my eBay and Etsy stores. Quality Pet Rat Hammocks or Quality Pet Hammocks. Please visit my stores and when you find something you like, then email me at:    (copy and paste this)

the item number or a description of your selection. I will send you an invoice from Paypal and I will discount the item for buying it directly from me. (Other payment options are available for my items but Paypal is my preferred way of doing transactions on the Internet.)

Please note: Just to let you know, sewing is a seasonal hobby for me. I do it to pass the time away during the long, cold Michigan winters. I sew during the months of October through March of each year. I am able to take custom orders during these months, but not off season. The best time for doing custom orders is during January and February when I tend to hibernate, lol.

After the departure of my favorite rat Sterling I started offering special memorial blankets and burial items for your beloved pets. I want people to be prepared for the passing of their beloved pets with blankets and caskets and markers to remember them by. One special item I offer is a Teardrop Necklace. Learn more about these unique necklaces on my Memorial Items page of my store...

Hello dear and loyal pet lovers! :>) I specialized in unique pet products, such as pet hammocks and cage accessories for pet rats, ferrets, chinchillas and sugar gliders. If you have a pet that likes to hang around or sleep in something warm and cozy I've got a hammock for them. I do custom orders too! I can make hammocks any size, to fit any cage or pets needs.

I have light, medium and heavy duty hammock options as well as chew resistant and designer hammocks, for the spoiled and pampered pet! I have something for every pet owners needs and budget.

All items listed are available for purchase directly from my rattery for my customers who are picking up their pet rats from me. I have established an "In-House" price list for all items minus the shipping costs.

How to order:
It's super simple to order or buy something from me. You simply email me with the item numbers you are interested in and the quantity.

I then total the order up and send you an invoice directly from Paypal so you can make payment.

In most cases I ship out within one business day of in stock items. Custom orders take three business days to ship.

Other payment options are also available for those not using Paypal. Just let me know when you write me how you plan on paying.

Though I don't have a fancy shopping cart I provide fast and excellent customer service, as good, if not better, than the large brand name stores.

(#001) My Selection of Large Hammocks (#002) My Selection of Medium Hammocks
(#003) My Selection of Small Hammocks (#004) My Selection of Large Tunnel Hammocks
(#005) My Selection of Medium Tunnel Hammocks (#006) My Selection of Small Tunnel Hammocks
(#007) My Selection of Swing Hammocks (#008) My Selection of Carrying Pouches
(#009) My Selection of Two Piece Hammock Sets (#010) My Selection of Three Piece Hammock Sets
(#011) My Selection of Four Piece Hammock Sets (#012) My Selection of Five Piece Hammock Sets
(#013) My Selection of Hanging Condos Houses (#014) My Selection of Transport & Housing Units
(#015) My Selection of Water Bottles (#016) My Selection of Running Wheels
(#017) My Selection of Cleaning Needs (#018) My Selection of Beddings
(#019) My Selection of Memorial Items (#020) My Selection of Medical Items

Ordering Instructions

We ship worldwide! Contact us for a shipping total to your location.

All customers receive priority handling. I ship in one business day for in stock items. Custom orders can take up to three business days to ship. All purchases come with a delivery confirmation tracking number for your peace of mind. Insurance can also be added for $1.70 at your request.

It's really easy to order something from us. Below is a step by step on how to order:

Step one: Send me an email at with the item numbers and the quantities of the items you desire. It is also possible for me to custom design pet rat hammocks or other hammocks for your special exotic pet, to fit your particular cage size and I can also create them in colors that match your decor, just let me know what you need.

Once you've placed your order through an email I will send you a return confirmation email with the total of the items you've ordered.

Step two: You may request to send me a check or money order for the total, or you may pay me using my PayPal account. If you pay by check or money order I will wait for it to clear the bank and then send your items. This usually takes 3-4 business days after your check is received.

PayPal also allows you to write checks, they are called "e-checks" and PayPal will let you pay using a credit card or debit card too. Paying using PayPal is a very secure way to purchase items on the Internet and is the quickest and easiest way to get your products to your door in a timely manner.

I am PayPal verified, this means PayPal knows who I am and has done business with me for years. They know I am dependable and provide good quality products. PayPal has a buyer protection program, this program protects you from fraud on the Internet.

If you are using PayPal for payment I will send you an invoice directly from Paypal so you can make your payment. If you've never used Paypal before they will step you through the process when I send the request for money. It's really very easy. Once you have a PayPal account set-up you can go almost anywhere on the Internet and pay for items without having to give your personal information over and over again.

You can also go directly to Paypal and make your payment without waiting for me to send you an invoice. By clicking this link below it will take you to my Paypal login screen. Copy the email address for me. This will be the email address they will ask you to send the money too. Put in your own email address and password into the screen if you already have an account. If not, below this login screen in tiny letters it says, "New to Paypal? Sign up" Click this link and follow the directions to get your own account.

Use PayPal for Secure on-line payments!

Our Return Policy

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We do accept returns on the following conditions: The buyer agrees to pay for return postage. The items must be returned in the box they were sent in, in the condition they were sent. They must be returned within five business days of receipt. No used or damaged items will be accepted. We can put insurance on your items for an extra cost, at time of shipping if you request it.

Please note: All the items I'm offering are based on things that have worked well for me in the eight years I've been breeding and raising pet rats. I'm offering them to be helpful. I realize that the breeding of any animal can be very political in what some would consider best practices and some of my viewpoints may differ from others and my results may differ as well, based on proper use of items I've recommended. Any good process can become a not so good one if abused.

There is new research and findings being updated daily on almost every subject imaginable. It would be exhausting attempting to keep up with everything. My sole purpose for doing this is to promote pet rats as wonderful human companion animals and provide healthy and friendly pets to the general public so they don't have to get them from Petsmart or feeder bins.

I run my rattery based on information I've gained from the Rat Health Care by Debbie "The Rat Lady" Ducommun. If my views differ from yours and you have a concern with, or how, I'm doing something, please supply me with links to creditable information that supports your points of view, in a polite and courteous manner and I will look into your perspective. Thank you.

A note about combining shipping:

I list all my shipping prices based on my items being sent first class mail (anything under 13 ounces). When I combine shipping many times the weight of the items forces it to be sent priority mail as I won't send anything parcel post because it takes to long and things can get lost or damaged. The further away from my location the higher the cost to ship it, therefore I just offer one flat rate to anywhere in the U.S. and many times I've actually not collected enough money to send it to places further away from my location. I absorb these costs but it makes it impossible to refund money just because I combined them into one package. Thanks for your understanding regarding my one flat rate for each item purchased.

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