Memorial Items for Dearly Departed Pet Rats

And Other Special Pets

After Sterling passed away on Janurary 13th 2010 and I made him a special fleece blanket to line the inside of his casket with, I wondered if others out there, other pet rats lovers might wish they too could have a nice metal casket that would last centuries buried underground and remain air tight from moisture and something warm and cozy to finally lay their special pets to sleep with. Therefore I'm going to start to make special memorial blankets and selling pretty metal caskets so others can give tribute to their pets like I was able to my beloved Sterling.

Item# 20
An Assortment of Memorial Blankets
Memorial Burial Blankets for all your special pets

This size blanket will fit an adult size pet rat.

Price: $18 includes shipping to anywhere in the United States. For other countries contact me for a price quote to your location.

I'd be willing to make burial blankets in any size you need them, including for any size pet, from dogs, to cats, ferrets, hamsters, mouse, if it's furry and you loved it, I'd love to make something beautiful for your special pet to lay to rest in. I can make them in solid fleece also and have many other colors and patterns they could be created from.

Item # MEM 020A

Large Metal Pet Casket, The Sunset House

Here is a large size, deluxe metal pet casket. This would be my choice if I were someone's pet, as the ultimate final resting place. It's a beautiful picture of a home on the lake, in the fall, at sunset. The final sunset home for your beloved pet.

It would fit an adult rat, chinchilla and possibly a guinea pig and a dwarf bunny also. These would be a nice water proof, air tight final resting place for your beloved small pet. They are approximately 10.5"L x 8"W x 3" H

Large Deluxe - Sunset House caskets are $25. This includes shipping to anywhere in the United States. For other countries please contact me for a price quote.

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Ordering Items from me is easy! You simply email me with the item numbers you are interested in. I will answer promptly with a confirmation email and a total. Then I will send you an invoice directly from Paypal to you so you can make payment. Super easy! (I will accept checks or money orders too, email me for more information.)

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