Presenting: MRM Miko

MRM Miko, a Silvered Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
11/27/02 Silvered Self
Standard Coat
Standard Ear
I acquired Miko later in life when a rattery was downsizing. He was already over two when I got him. He continues to go strong. He is a nice rattie and is still very active and likes to explore. He had several balding spots when he came to my rattery. I treated him for mites and his hair is now nice and thick and shiny. As of 03/31/05 his health is excellent.

UPDATE: 12/04/05 Miko is over three now and still going strong. He hurt his leg a while back, so I've put him in a healing unit by himself. It has healed up nicely. He has started to lose weight, but his breathing is clear and he is doing good.

On his birthday I sang happy birthday to him and gave him a favorite treat. He is the first rattie I've ever had that made it to three years old. Update: 03/08/06 Miko died today. Peacefully, of old age. He was over three years old.

Pedigree Of: MRM Miko of RDPY
Reg. #050271/NM
BreedSilvered Self
Spuds of MRM
Black Dalmatian
Sangie of MRM
Chocolate Standard Rex
Last Updated On: 03/08/06
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