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RDPY Minuette, a Beige Hooded Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
06/22/03 Beige Hooded
Standard Coat
Standard Ear

Don't tell the others, but Minuette is one of my most favorite ratties in my rattery. She and her sister Sweetheart surpass all others, in the tugging at the heart strings, category.

Minuette, (which means "little one"), is a younger, full sister to Venus, and she almost looks exactly like her too. When I laid my eyes on Minuette I knew Venus had reincarnated herself into Minuette. (I had buried Venus under my bedroom window and had told her to stay and watch over me.)

I just knew it was her the first time she went to clean my fingernails, just like Venus use to. I started taking Minuette everywhere with me. She went on camping trips, I took her to Lake Michigan. I snuck her into hotel rooms and she'd run on top of the bed and when I'd move my toes underneath she would pounce on them just like a cat does. She'd play hide and seek in the back seat of the car we where traveling in, coming out of her travel cage and running up to me, giving me kisses and running back into her travel cage. She has made me laugh and has had me in stitches, she is hilarious! She and I have bonded so much, it is unbelievable. I just can't fathom that something this small could have so much love to give.

Minuette lives in a cage with four other ratties. Two of her sisters, an older sister and her Grandmother. Whenever I come up to the cage and call her name, she jumps over everyone and comes running to the door of the cage for me to take her out. I bring her out to watch TV with me almost every night. Her favorite program is "ED". We sit in the recliner chair with the comforter over us. She sits on my chest and cleans out my nails, gives my hands a bath and comes ups and literally kisses me on the lips.

She is so darling. I love her so much, that I told her the other night she has to live to be 100, or at least live as long as I do. I couldn't stand going through this life without her. Therefore, I've decided I'm going to breed her soon. I have to have a daughter of hers, to carry on once she leaves me and a daughter of that daughter, etc. There always has to be a little piece of Minuette in my life or I don't think I can go on either. (It is amazing how attached we can get to these little creatures isn't it?)

UPDATE: 03/03/05 I did get a chance to breed Minuette before she was too old. She had two babies. Brook and Pebbles. I adopted out Brook, but kept Pebbles. Ironically both her daughters look more like her sister Sweatheart, they are black, mismarked hoodeds. Even so, Pebbles is a very nice rattie and will continue on for Minuette after she is gone. It is too soon to tell if she will be as loving as Minuette. I hope so.

Her health has been excellent.

UPDATE: 03/03/05 Minuette will be turning two in a couple of months. Her health continues to be excellent, which is good, because I'd be so bummed if it weren't. She is my darling.

UPDATE: 12/04/05 Each day is a gift from God that my Minuette is still here with me. She will be two and a half shortly. All of her brothers and sisters have passed on. She is all that is left. She is losing weight and is very weak in the hind quarters. She lives by herself now and each day I go and get her and we sit in the chair together. I give her her special treats and she snuggles into the layers of my clothes content to be with me. She is very loving, giving me kisses. I will be so heartbroken when I come back to this to write the day she dies.

UPDATE: 04/15/06 Minuette became paralyzed from the waist down, but that did not slow her down in the least. She was resilient and adapted using her front legs to crawl wherever she wanted to go. She had cancer of the lymph nodes and it slowly spread throughout her body. She was a fighter right up until the end. She died today, April 15th, 2006 at 4am. Her heart and lungs remained strong right up until the end. She would have her good days and bad days. For a couple weeks now she has been on the brink of death just to bounce back. I think she stayed alive this long because of all the treats I brought her each day. She would spend each day in the computer room with me on the floor in her hammock. She would crawl around the room and occasionally come over and crawl up on my shoe and look up at me. That's when I knew she wanted me to pick her up and hold her. I'd tuck her inside my shirt and she'd watch me type on the computer. Today I sit and type this and look over to the spot beside me where we always stayed eating her bananas, yogurt and other favorite treats. Heartbroken doesn't even begin to describe the extreme bombardment of emotions flooding over me. It's such a lonely, empty room now. I may not be on the computer much anymore.

Pedigree for RDPY Minuette
Sire: RDPY Boo Boo
Black Berkshire with nice head spot.
Grand Sire: Unknown
Grand Dam: Unknown
Dam: RDPY Marshmellow
Beige hooded, standard coat top ear
Grand Sire: RDPY Tanner
Beige Berkshire
Grand Dam: RDPY Camie
Beige Berkshire with irregular blaze
Last Updated On: 04/15/06
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