Presenting: RDPY Mooner Eclipse

Mooner Eclipse

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
05/08/05 Black Eyed White
Rex coat
He Has a Unique Crescent Moon on His Nose

Mooner is a big quishy boy all snuggly and cuddly. He is like a white furry teddy bear. He is very friendly and wants to come right out on your shoulder, but once there he is content to stay around. He would rather have human companionship than wander around exploring. The marking on his nose is so unique and cute he can't help but bring a smile to your face just looking at him.

As of 01/02/06 His health is excellent. Nothing to report at this time.

01/03/06 The whole rattery got sprayed for mites which I do every three months. This natural enzyme spray discolors their fur slightly for a couple of days. His picture reflects this discoloration. Normally he is pure as white snow.

11-25-06 Mooner died today. I was so surprised. There was nothing wrong with him and he wasn't that old. I haven't a clue as to what happened. His cage mates were keeping him warm like he was still alive. He must have died just a short time before I discovered him. I will miss this sweet guy. I hate it when they leave and I don't get to say goodbye.

Pedigree Of: RDPY Mooner Eclipse
BreedBlack Eyed White, Standard Ear, Rex
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
RDPY Snuggles
Lightening Blazed, Capped, Rex, (Carries Dumbo)
CRH Silver Streak of RDPY
Russian Blue, Bareback, With Headspot, Rex, Dumbo Carrier
Lil' Guy of CRH
Lilac, Standard Coat Dumbo
MAD Lickorish of RDPY
Black Berkshire, Rex Dumbo Carrier
SFR Cerberus
Black Veriberk Dumbo
SFR Puff Cloud
Blue Irish Rex
RH Flashy Girl of RDPY
Split Capped, Dalmatian, Rex, Carries Dumbo
RH Zoey
Blue Split Capped, Dumbo Carrier
RH Pheazbie
Blue Blazed, Variegated, Dumbo Carrier
Rouge's Baloo
Blue VariBerk, Double Rex, Dumbo Carrier
RH Ginger
Black Variberk Rex, Dumbo Carrier
SWR Ginger
Fawn Capped With Headspot
HRH Bayou Blues
American Blue, Mismarked Hooded
HRH Patrick
Blue Hooded
HRH Misty
Blue American Berkshire
HRH Elmer
Beige American Berkshire
HRH Sally
Agouti Blaze
MRM Sprocket
Fawn Capped
Ace of MRMUnknown
MRM Einstein of RDPY
Fawn Berkshire
Spuds of MRM
Black Dalmatian
Brain of MRM
Havana Berkshire
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