My Pet Rat Children

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All of the pet rat children on this page are this years potential breeders though not all may be used for breeding it depends on how they mature and how their health and temperament are. Some have been already been bred before and are still apart of this years program and not retired yet.

My Sons My Daughters
RDPY Heart Throb - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf RDPY Indigo Diamonds - Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo
RDPY Island Sea Breezes - Russian Blue Mismarked Masked Dumbo RDPY Blue Sparkly Jewels - American Blue Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Riding The Breeze - Russian Blue Dalmatian Dumbo RDPY Breezy - Black Eyed White Dalmatian Dumbo
RDPY Golden Summertime -Seal Point Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo RDPY Red Ruby - Siamese Dwarf
RDPY Russet Sunset - Agouti English Irish Dwarf RDPY Pearls Are Forever - Pearle Merle
RDPY Binkly - Black Variegated Dumbo RDPY Nuggies Wonder - Black Masked Dumbo
RDPY BluBud - Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo w/Blaze RDPY Jingles - Black Variegated Semi-Hairless Dumbo
RDPY Sundown - Fawn Hooded Dumbo Dwarf RDPY String of Pearls - Pearl Merle
RDPY Spots of Blessings - Black Mismarked Bareback Dumbo RDPY Glorgeous - Sable Burmese Dumbo
RDPY Blue Slated Scotch - Russian Blue Self Dumbo RDPY Warm Polar Breezes (Miss BB) - Black Eyed White Dumbo
RDPY Bongo Bean - Black Eye Patched/Dalmatian Rex Dumbo RDPY Dally Lou - Black Dalmatian Dumbo
RDPY Silver Merle - Lilac Merle Variegated Rex Dumbo RH Gaia - American Blue Satin Self
RDPY Polar Wonder - Black Masked Dumbo RH Hebe - American Blue Self
MVR Bristol Boy- Black Capped Bristol RDPY Beautiful - BES Dumbo
RH Helius - American Blue Self Satin RDPY Buttered Rum - Black Bareback Dumbo w/Headspot
RH Boy-Oh-Boy - American Blue Agouti Self Dwarf RDPY Winkles - Black Mismarked Masked Dumbo
RDPY Pearly Merly - Pearl Merle RDPY Creamy Blue Skies - American Blue Dumbo Dwarf
TRCR Horizon - Black Self Rex Dwarf RDPY Robin's Gift - Black Irish Rex Dwarf
RDPY Patches of Breezes - Russian Blue Bareback w/Headspot RDPY The Rising Sunset - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Diamond Nuggets - Sable Burmese Dumbo RDPY Return to Pooh Corner - Russian Blue Berkshrie Dumbo w/Blaze
RDPY Spots of Splish Splash - Black Variegated Dumbo w/ Lightening Blaze RDPY Speckled Patches - Black Patched Dalmatain Dumbo
SFR Pearly Gates - Pearl Merle RDPY A Wonderful Breeze - Russian Blue Masked Dumbo
RDPY Red Robin "Yum" - Beige Rex Dwarf RDPY Charcoal Nugget - Black Patched Dumbo
RDPY Magic - Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo RDPY Molly - Black Possum Rex Dumbo
RDPY Blue Boy - American Blue Agouti Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Coal - Black Masked Dumbo
RDPY Beaner- Black Variegated Dumbo w/Headspot
RDPY Polar Ice Caps- Black Masked Dumbo
RH Mr. Rogers - Pearl Merle Dumbo
RH MacDonald Farmer ("Farmer") - Pearl Merle Irish Dumbo

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