Presenting: MAD Nimbus Cloud

MAD Nimbus Cloud, an Amercian Blue Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
11/24/03 American Blue Self
Standard Coat
Standard Ear
Carries Dumbo
Nimbus is a nice rattie and a very pretty girl. She gets along very well with all the other girls in the rattery. As of 03/01/05 her health has been excellent nothing to report at this time.

She died on 7/17/05. She was killed by my dog after she escaped from her pen.

Pedigree Of: MAD Nimbus Cloud of RDPY
Reg. #050176/F
BreedAmerican Blue Self (Carries Dumbo)
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
SFR Tritoch of RDPY
American Powder Blue Self, Dumbo, Standard Coat
RHR Reflecting The Moon
Blue Berkshire Dumbo
RHR Phantom of the Opera
Black Masked Dumbo
RRR Harley
Silvered Black Halo'd
RRR Pugi Pugi
American Blue Masked Dumbo
RHR Blue Moon
American Blue Self
HSH Bluejay
American Blue Irish Dumbo
6H Blue Jean
American Blue Self
IR PermaFrost's Unforgettable
American Blue Agouti Self Dumbo
MRC PermaFrost
Blue Agouti Self Dumbo
MRC Joey Too
Cinnamon Berkshire Dumbo
AG Disney
Fawn Self
SFR Kiwi
American Blue Self Wavy Rex
DCR Malachi
Black Self Dumbo (carries both blues and mink)
DCR Bombay Sapphire
Blue Agouti With Headspot, Wavy Rex
MAD Jenyu
American Blue Variegated With Headspot
Apollo of MAD
Beige Hairless
SFR Puff Cloud
Blue Irish Rex
Trenier Poppet
Powder Blue, Variegated Rex
SFR Moonshine
American Blue Self
Andrea's Achilles
American Blue Self
SFR The Cozy Rat
Black Variberk

Last Updated On: 12/04/05