Presenting: MAD Oreo Cookie

MAD Oreo Cookie, a Black Banded, Rex, Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
02/19/04 Black Blazed
Rex Coat
Standard Ear

Oreo is a sweet cuddly little rattie. She was the runt of her litter and never got very big. But she has a big, big heart. She is very expressive with her tail. She communicates through it. She can curl it up tight into a circle or it can go straight up in the air or stretch out straight behind her. I've never seen a rattie with tail muscles as versatile as hers. You can tell what mood she is in by what position she holds her tail in. It's really neat.

As of 03/08/05 her health has been good.

05/10/05 Oreo has mammary tumor under her right rear leg. It is the size of a walnut. She has been losing weight.

She died on 7/09/05. She was a sweet rattie, but was very small in size. She always looked like she was just a baby. Most of her siblings never even lived, they all had health problems. I'm just glad she lived as long as she did.

Pedigree Of: MAD Oreo Cookie of RDPY
Reg. #050178/F
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
TYR Stardust
Blazed Agouti Variberk
Leo of TYR
Himalayan Rex
Sire's Name Not Given
Himalayan Dumbo
Dam's Name Not Known
Himalayan Rex
TYR Hedwig
Blazed Himalayan
TYR Harry Potter
Lightening Blazed Black Berkshire Dumbo

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