Presenting: MAD Pepper Girl

MAD Pepper Girl of RDPY, a Black Dumbo Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
Black Berkshire w/o Headspot
Standard Coat
Dumbo Ears
Pepper is a pretty rattie and nice. But sometimes she is not that easy to catch to bring home after her free roaming time. She would rather just stay free roaming forever, and who could blame her. She is somewhat aloofed and detached. When I first got her she wouldn't come up to me at all, now she walks right up to me. She has even climbed my leg to sit on my lap. I guess she is happy here. :>) Pepper's health has been excellent, nothing to report. She is a healthy girl.

UPDATE: 03/03/05 Pepper's health remains good. No problems to report. She will be turning two soon, so this is great news.

05/10/05 Pepper has developed a mammary tumor under her left front leg. It is the size of a walnut.

UPDATE: 10/01/05 Pepper died of an infection from an abcess on the side of her face, that she wouldn't let heal. She kept scratching it open over and over, I couldn't keep it bandaged nor keep wound spray on. When I would spray the disinfectant on it, it would just make her dig at it more, probably because it burned. It would start to scab over and I would think it was healing just to have her rip it open a few days later and start the process over again. I know it must have hurt, I probably should have had her put to sleep, but I kept hoping I could get it to heal and wanted to give her every chance to live. I'm glad she is finally at peace.

Pedigree Of: MAD Pepper Girl of RDPY
Reg. #040225/F
BreedBlack Berkshire With Headspot, Dumbo, Standard Coat
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
SFR Cerberus
Black Veriberk Dumbo
RMG Sieko
Black Variegated Dumbo
MAR Moon Glow
American Blue Banded Dumbo
MAR Calvin Klein
Dark Lilac Dumbo
CCR Arby
Lilac Point Siamese, Dumbo
Marwin Misty
American Blue Berkshire, Dumbo
SRR Bess
Black Possum Faced Dalmation, Dumbo
YOTR Wegman
American Blue Variegated, Dumbo
SRR Helena
Black Eyed White Dalmatian
Khat's OReo
Black Masked Dumbo
Khat's Ben & Jerry
American Blue Berkshire, Blazed Rex, Dumbo
Khat's Ralphie
Black Berkshire, Blazed Rex, Dumbo
Khat's Blue Pearl
Kat's Scamper
Black Variegated Dumbo
Unknown Black Marked Dumbo
Unknown Black Variegated Dumbo
MR Kiera
Black Berkshire Dumbo
TRM Dexter
Seal Point Siamese Satin
RR Yuki
Russian Blue Point Siamese, Dumbo
RR Argent
Russian Blue Self, Dumbo
RR Kirima
Russian Blue Point Siamese, Dumbo
YOTR Glacier
American Blue Self
YOTR Willis
American Blue Self, Rex, Dumbo
DRP Frouha
American Blue Agouti, (Carries Tailess)
LCR Daisy
Black Blazed Banded Dumbo
SRR Evgren
Beige Blazed Cap, Dumbo
SRR Terrell
Silvered Mink, Blazed Banded Dumbo
SRR Dale
Black Capped Headspot, Dumbo
LCR Morticia
Black Berkshire Dumbo
LCR Baby Beluge
Light Pearl Merle, Dumbo
SRR Bluejean
American Blue Berkshire, Dumbo
SFR Puff Cloud
Blue Irish Rex
Trenier Poppet
Powder Blue, Variegated Rex
SFR Moonshine
American Blue Self
Andrea's Achilles
American Blue Self
RaR Xander
American Blue Veriberk
SFR Riley
Blue Bariberk
RaR Belle
Agouti Self Dumbo
American Blue Self
SFR The Cozy Rat
Black Variberk
RaR Shark
American Blue Self Dumbo
Blue Self Dumbo
Agouti Self
Black Mink Cap Stripe
SFR Unnamed
Black Cap Stripe

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