Presenting: RTPK Edgar Allen Poe of EPR/RDPY

RTPK Edgar Allen Poe of EPR/RDPY

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
10/17/10 Black
Getting this rattie was a gift and a surprise. I had admired him on EPR's web site and asked about him and she added him into my shipment as a surprise! He is a big squish of a guy. I hope to breed him one last time before he retires. He's getting up there in age now but I hope he can still do the job, lol. Update: 11/20/12 Edgar has died peacefully of old age. He started losing weight about a month's assumed he may have had heart problems. I had him on antibiotics for several weeks for a respirtory affliction that he recovered from, but he continued to lose weight and was listless as well. He has left behind two darling furry rex sons to carry on for him. He was a big squish and will be missed.

Pedigree Of RTPK Edgar Allen Poe of EPR/RDPY
Reg. #110651/M
BreedBlack Masked Rex Dumbo
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
RTPK EPR Chuckle
Black Capped w/ Headspot Hairless Dumbo
EPR Porthos
Black Variegated Dumbo
Daemon of EPR
Black Blazed Capped Oddeye
Nymph of EPR
RTPK Ringpop
Black Masked Hairless
BHR Silver Surfer
PH Path to the Sea of RTPK
BSKI Cajun Sunrise of RTPK
Beige Capped w/ Headspot Rex Dumbo
SNR Malik
Beige Blazed Rex Dumbo
SNR Rebellien of Angels
SNR Tequila Exotica
EPR Aramis of BSKI
Cocoa Variegated Hairless Dumbo
Daemon of EPR
Black Blazed Capped Oddeye

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