My Sweet Retired Pets and Breeders

On this page you will find a list of my pet rat children that were or weren't used for breeding but are now retirement age. This page links their names to their profile pages so you can read about their lives.

I usually only update this page once each year. I do this during the months of January and March when I have more time to devote to the clerical duties of my rattery web site. Keeping my web site updated is very time consuming and is not one of my favorite activities, lol. I appreciate your understanding. :>()

Update: 08/20/15 I apologize, many of the ratties on this page have left me for the Rainbow Bridge but I just haven't had time to update their pages and move them to my memorial page. Clerical duties of maintaining a web site can be daunting. For the most part if the ratties listed are two and a half to three years old they have probably departed for the Bridge. Updating death information can be very sad for me to address. Thanks for understanding.

RH Helius - American Blue Self Satin
RDPY Polar Wonder - Black Masked Dumbo
RDPY Bongo Bean - Black Eye Patched/Dalmatian Rex Dumbo
RH Hebe - American Blue Self
RH Gaia - American Blue Satin Self
RDPY Winkles - Black Mismarked Masked Dumbo
RDPY Speckled Patches - Black Patched Dalmatain Dumbo
RDPY A Wonderful Breeze - Russian Blue Masked Dumbo
RDPY Charcoal Nugget - Black Patched Dumbo
RDPY Molly - Black Possum Rex Dumbo
RDPY Creamcicle - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Polly Poe - Black Eye Patched/Dalmatian Rex Dumbo
RDPY Chocolate Swirl - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
MVR Blu Diamond - Russian Blue Point Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo
TRCR Mika Jewel - Black Self Dwarf
RDPY Miss Fuzzbutt - Lilac Variegated Rex Dumbo
RDPY Tequila Sunrise - Fawn Berkshire Dumbo w/Blaze Dwarf
SFR Forever Pearls - Pearl Merle
RDPY Autumn Sunset - Fawn Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Pop Tart - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Midnight Mist - Black Self Dumbo Dwarf
TRCR Whimiscal - Russian Blue Point Bareback Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo
STWR Cocopuff - Mink Harley Dumbo
RDPY Benjimen Splash - American Blue Variegated Dumbo
RDPY Bysecicle - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Black Speckled Saffires - Black Variegated Dumbo w/Ligthening Blaze
SFR Daytime's Sparkle - Black Bareback Dumbo w/Ribbon Blaze
RDPY Fuzzy Pancake - Mink Berkshire Rex Dumbo
RDPY Mountain of Glory - Black Berkshire Dumbo w/ Blaze
RDPY Sunset Strip - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
TRCR Fantasy - Russian Blue Point Siamese Rex
SFR Angelic Satiny Mist - Russian Blue Self Dumbo
SFR Midnight Starlight - Black Self Dumbo
SFR Nighttime's Zazzle - Black Berkshire w/Lightening Blaze
RDPY Anthony Halm - Black Variegated Rex Dumbo
MVR Hoodeanie - Cinnamon Hooded Roan
MVR Moonbeam - Cinnamon Hooded Roan
SFR Long Island Ice Tea - Black Eye Patched/Dalmatian Dumbo
RDPY Popcorn - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
SFR Sea Breeze - Russian Blue Mismarked Masked Dumbo
RDPY Heartland - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY McGolden - Wheaten Burmese
MVR Moonstruck- Cinnamon Berkshire Roan
RDPY Winkly - Black Berkshire Lightening Blazed Dumbo
RDPY T-Post - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Silky - Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo
RDPY Rousseau - Russian Blue Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Blu - Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo
RDPY Snowy Mountain - Mink Berkshire Dumbo Odd-Eye w/Blaze
RDPY Redbud Express - Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo w/Lightening Blaze
RDPY Poppin - Black Berkshire Rex Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Blaze of Lightening - Black Berkshire Dumbo w/Lightening Blaze
RDPY Satiny Sparkles - Russian Blue Point Burmese Dumbo
STWR Gone Too Soon - Champagne Self Harley Dumbo
STWR Everything But Me - Champagne Self Harley Dumbo
RDPY Black Snowy Top Mountain - Black Berkshire Dumbo w/Blaze
RDPY Golden Wheaten - Wheaten Burmese Dumbo
RDPY Midnight Courage - Black Irish Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Patches Poe - Black Masked Rex Dumbo
RDPY Edgar Allen - Black Masked Rex Dumbo
RDPY The Mystery Spot - Black Mismarked Masked Dumbo
RDPY Blaze of Smoke - RB Variegated Dumbo w/Blaze
RDPY Rembrandt - Russian Blue Dwarf
RDPY Carribean - RB Berkshire Dumbo w/Blaze
RDPY Blazed Blossoms - Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo w/Blaze
RDPY Popcicle - Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Mysterious Flurries - Black Masked Dumbo
RDPY Blue Speckled Saffires - Russian Blue Bareback Dalmatian w/Blaze
RDPY Black Rose At Sunset - Black English Irish Dwarf
RDPY Mountain of Blessings - Black Capped Dumbo w/Blaze
RDPY Golden McLight - Sable Burmese
RDPY Poppyheart -Black Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Magic Trixie - Black Berkshire Rex Dumbo
RDPY McSmeezer - Wheaten Burmese
RDPY Splish's Splashes - Russiabn Blue Variegated Dumbo
RAMR Three Points of Doom - Siamese Dwarf
RAMR Never Heard From - Agouti Rex Dwarf
RDPY Saffire - RB Berkshire Dumbo w/Blaze
RDPY Patches of Wonder - Black Masked Dumbo
RDPY Royal - RB Berkshire Dumbo w/Ligthening Blaze
RDPY Pyrit's Wonder - Black Masked Dumbo
EPR Poppy - Russian Blue Hooded Dumbo Dwarf
RDPY Smeezer - Black Eyed Siamese
RDPY Golden Grains Of Wheat - Wheaten Burmese Dumbo
RDPY Satiny Silk - Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo
RDPY Galaxy - American Blue Variegated Dumbo
RDPY Wonderous Mr. Licky - RB Masked Dumbo
RDPY Perkwinkle - RB Berkshire Dumbo w/Lightening Blaze
RDPY Masked Wonder - Black Masked Dumbo
RDPY A Perfect Treasure - Black Masked Dumbo
RDPY Blazy Blossom - Black Dumbo w/Ribbon Blaze

When our beloved pets leave this world it's believed that they go to the Rainbow Bridge. A special place where they are with friends and family members. Their is health is regained and they romp and play for eternity...whether real or make believe the possibility that a place like this really does exist, brings me comfort when my pets pass away.

To honor their lives I move them to a special Rainbow Bridge Memorial page where their profile pages and lives can be viewed and remembered by fellow pet and rat lovers.

My Memorial Page

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