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RDPY Ruggie #2

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses

Died: 05/04/04

Lifespan: 26 months
Agouti Perfect Self
Full Blooded Wild Norwegian Rat

Genotype: A/*B/*C/*D/*G/*M/*P/*R/*

Ruggie is one of my two wild Norwegian rats, that I rescued from my dog and raised with and eye dropper. Her sisters name is Hurkie

Ruggie is sweet, even tempered and has bonded closely with me and only me. She is a one person rattie. I'm the only one she trusts. She is somewhat nervous and very sensitive to noises. She feels safe inside my shirt. At times when she has gotten out and I want to try and catch her I just open up my shirt collar and she climbs right in. I can actually coax her out from hiding by opening my shirt layers up. When she sees that safe dark hiding spot, she comes right out of her cage and hops into my shirt.

Ruggie likes it when I walk around with her inside my shirt. She pokes her head out the top and looks around at everything. Ruggie needs to feel safe. Coming out into the open is scary for her. Her instincts tell her to be cautious and hide under cover. She is completely non aggressive. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

Ruggie's health is excellent. Nothing to report at this time.

UPDATE: 3-7-04, Ruggie turned two last week. The good news is she is the oldest living rattie in my rattery. The even better news is, her health is still excellent and nothing to report at this time. Whereas my other two original ratties, Tanner and Camie both developed health problems this week, very close to their second birthdays. (Still testing the theory that wild rats might have a stronger constitution against some of the current illnesses afflicting domesticated ratties, and thus a longer life span. I'll keep you updated :>)

UPDATE: Ruggie passed away on 5/04/04 of a respirtory infection just like her sister. She made it passed her second birthday which is good for any rattie. A chapter in my life has closed now. I grieve over the special relationship I had with this wild creature of nature. I can't explain how special you feel when something born completely wild and free, puts trust in you and calls you a friend. Being apart of Ruggie's life for two years was such a rewarding experience, I was truly blessed.

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