Presenting: MAD Silver Girl

CRH Silver Girl

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
04/05/03 Blue Agouti
Standard Coat
Dumbo Ears
Silver Girl is a very nice rattie. She is active and alert. She doesn't mind being picked up, but isn't as affectionate as some of my other ratties. She has an air of aloofness about her. Silver's health has been excellent, nothing to report. She is a very healthy girl.

UPDATE: 03/03/05 Silver Girl is about to turn two. For several months now she has had breathing problems. When she sleeps it sounds like she is snoring. This raspy sound is not continuous and comes and goes. It is not the same rattling sound associated with respiratory viruses. She is starting to lose weight, though she is alert and active, even walking on her wheel and climbing. I think she may have the start of heart disease.

UPDATE: 03/29/05 Silver Girl went on to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She has lots of friends waiting for her, because she was very well liked. She was sweet to all other ratties and people. She died of heart failure and I'm sure her continued breathing difficulties were a contributing factor.

Pedigree Of: MAD Silver Girl of RDPY
Reg. #040253/F
BreedBlue Agouti Self, Dumbo, Standard Coat
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
SFR Cerberus
Black Veriberk Dumbo
RMG Sieko
Black Variegated Dumbo
MAR Moon Glow
American Blue Banded Dumbo
MAR Calvin Klein
Dark Lilac Dumbo
CCR Arby
Lilac Point Siamese, Dumbo
Marwin Misty
American Blue Berkshire, Dumbo
SRR Bess
Black Possum Faced Dalmation, Dumbo
YOTR Wegman
American Blue Variegated, Dumbo
SRR Helena
Black Eyed White Dalmatian
Khat's OReo
Black Masked Dumbo
Khat's Ben & Jerry
American Blue Berkshire, Blazed Rex, Dumbo
Khat's Ralphie
Black Berkshire, Blazed Rex, Dumbo
Khat's Blue Pearl
Kat's Scamper
Black Variegated Dumbo
Unknown Black Marked Dumbo
Unknown Black Variegated Dumbo
MR Kiera
Black Berkshire Dumbo
TRM Dexter
Seal Point Siamese Satin
RR Yuki
Russian Blue Point Siamese, Dumbo
RR Argent
Russian Blue Self, Dumbo
RR Kirima
Russian Blue Point Siamese, Dumbo
YOTR Glacier
American Blue Self
YOTR Willis
American Blue Self, Rex, Dumbo
DRP Frouha
American Blue Agouti, (Carries Tailess)
LCR Daisy
Black Blazed Banded Dumbo
SRR Evgren
Beige Blazed Cap, Dumbo
SRR Terrell
Silvered Mink, Blazed Banded Dumbo
SRR Dale
Black Capped Headspot, Dumbo
LCR Morticia
Black Berkshire Dumbo
LCR Baby Beluge
Light Pearl Merle, Dumbo
SRR Bluejean
American Blue Berkshire, Dumbo
IR PumpkinMRC PermaFrost
Blue Agouti Self Dumbo
MRC Joey Too
Cinnamon Berkshire Dumbo
MRC Joey
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo
RnR Lucent
Platinum Rex Dumbo
AG Disney
Fawn Self
Husky Dilute Agouti
Agouti Berkshire Rex Dumbo
SFR Kiwi
American Blue Self Wavy Rex
DCR Malachi
Black Self Dumbo (carries both blues and mink)
TTR Indigo
American Blue Smoke Self
MRC Tinsel
American Blue Self
MRC Star
Black Self
DCR Molly
Lilac Irish, Dumbo
Mink Hooded, Rex, Dumbo
DCR Bombay Sapphire
Blue Agouti With Headspot, Wavy Rex
MRC PermaFrost
Blue Agouti Self Dumbo
MRC Joey Too
Cinnamon Berkshire Dumbo
AG Disney
Fawn Self
DCR Indy's Lil' Sapphire
Blue Smoke Self, Rex
TTR Indigo
American Blue Smoke Self
RnR Calypso
Sky Blue Self Double Rex

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