Presenting: RDPY Sneeziers

RDPY Sneeizers, a Black Hooded Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
11/14/03 Black Hooded
Standard Coat
Standard Ear
He is a sweet boy. He reminds me of a young version of my rattie Stuart. He has been by himself most of his life, but recently I put him in with his brothers and cousins and he has adjusted very well. Even though he is a little bit larger in size then they are. Sneeziers was practically born sneezing. From the time he was two weeks old and I was handling him, he was already sneezing. When he was weaned, he was still sneezing. I realized he could not be put up for adoption because of this. I quarantined him off by himself and started him on antibiotics. I tried two different kinds, a gram positive and a gram negative, and neither of these could stop his sneezing. He has never done anything more than that. He is very well developed in size for his age and is healthy in every other respect. He is the largest of all of his brothers, (Skunkers is Sneeziers brother). I've come to the conclusion that he has allergies.

UPDATE: Sneeziers passed away unexpectedly on 4/15/05. I don't know what he die of, he had always sneezed and had allergies but appeared healthy in every other respect. He died peacefully.
Pedigree for RDPY Sneeziers
Sire: RDPY Boo Boo
Black Berkshire with nice head spot.
Grand Sire: Unknown
Grand Dam: Unknown
Dam: RDPY Marshmellow
Beige hooded, standard coat top ear
Grand Sire: RDPY Tanner
Beige Berkshire w/o head spot
Grand Dam: RDPY Camie
Beige Berkshire w/irregular blaze around left eye
Last Updated On: 04/15/05
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