Presenting: RDPY Snow Princess

Snow Princess

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
05/08/05 Black  Eyed White
She Has a Small Charcoal Patch Behind Her Left Ear
Princess is a little sweetie. She is very friendly and outgoing. She is very agile and can climb anywhere. She knows no fear. Whenever I let her out she jumps right on my shoulder and snuggles for a minute. Gets her strokes and pets then climbs down to explore. But she always comes back. A few minutes later, she checks back in. Climbs back up on my shoulder, to get some more strokes and pets. She really likes me! And I adore her! She has a wonderful personality. As of 01/03/06 her health is excellent.

Update: 06/20/07 Princess died out at our summer free roam pen. She had been losing weigh and we believe she was suffering from heart disease.

I had tried to breed her. I tried twice. She ate her babies each time. She also had some kind of hormone in balance after the second try, so I retired her. She became mean and nasty. It was really too bad because she had been a real nice rattie. I guess she wasn't meant to be breed and her true temperament came out when she ate her babies.

Pedigree Of: RDPY Snow Princess
BreedBlack Eyed White, Standard Ear, Rex
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
RDPY Snuggles
Lightening Blazed, Capped, Rex, (Carries Dumbo)
CRH Silver Streak of RDPY
Russian Blue, Bareback, With Headspot, Rex, Dumbo Carrier
Lil' Guy of CRH
Lilac, Standard Coat Dumbo
MAD Lickorish of RDPY
Black Berkshire, Rex Dumbo Carrier
SFR Cerberus
Black Veriberk Dumbo
SFR Puff Cloud
Blue Irish Rex
RH Flashy Girl of RDPY
Split Capped, Dalmatian, Rex, Carries Dumbo
RH Zoey
Blue Split Capped, Dumbo Carrier
RH Pheazbie
Blue Blazed, Variegated, Dumbo Carrier
Rouge's Baloo
Blue VariBerk, Double Rex, Dumbo Carrier
RH Ginger
Black Variberk Rex, Dumbo Carrier
SWR Ginger
Fawn Capped With Headspot
HRH Bayou Blues
American Blue, Mismarked Hooded
HRH Patrick
Blue Hooded
HRH Misty
Blue American Berkshire
HRH Elmer
Beige American Berkshire
HRH Sally
Agouti Blaze
MRM Sprocket
Fawn Capped
Ace of MRMUnknown
MRM Einstein of RDPY
Fawn Berkshire
Spuds of MRM
Black Dalmatian
Brain of MRM
Havana Berkshire

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