Presenting: RDPY Snuggles

RDPY Snuggles, a Lightening Blazed Capped Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
03/19/04 Charcoal  Capped, Lightening Blazed
Rex Coat
Standard Ears
Carries Dumbo
He is a nice rattie. A little shy about coming out, but is fine once you pick him up. He is cute and snuggly like his name. He is alittle fur blanket. As of 03/08/05 his health has been excellent.

UPDATE: 11/17/05 His fur has gotten faded and patchy as he has gotten older. He is also losing weight. But other than that he seems fine. UPDATE: 12/05/05 Snuggles has continued losing weight. His health is not good.

Update: Snuggles died on 02/28/06. I think he just died of old age. He had a good appetite, his breathing was clear, but he was still losing weight. His fur remained patchy.

I found him in his hut with his cagemates, eyes closed and peaceful. There may have been some internal bleeding, but from what I don't know. He didn't show any signs of injury. I just noticed a dark blue area near his left rear flank. I think he just died in his sleep of old age. He would have been two in a couple of weeks.

Pedigree Of: RDPY Snuggles
Reg. #050032/M
BreedLightening Blazed, Capped, Rex, (Carries Dumbo)
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
CRH Silver Streak of RDPY
Russian Blue, Bareback, With Headspot, Rex, Dumbo Carrier
Lil' Guy of CRH
Lilac, Standard Coat Dumbo
MAD Lickorish of RDPY
Black Berkshire, Rex Dumbo Carrier
SFR Cerberus
Black Veriberk Dumbo
RMG Sieko
Black Variegated Dumbo
MR Kiera
Black Berkshire Dumbo
SFR Puff Cloud
Blue Irish Rex
Trenier Poppet
Powder Blue, Variegated Rex
SFR Moonshine
American Blue Self
RH Flashy Girl of RDPY
Split Capped, Dalmatian, Rex, Carries Dumbo
RH Zoey
Blue Split Capped, Dumbo Carrier
RH Pheazbie
Blue Blazed, Variegated, Dumbo Carrier
Rouge's Baloo
Blue VariBerk, Double Rex, Dumbo Carrier
Rouge's Speckles
Pearl Merle Self, Dumbo Carrier
Rouge's Velvet
Blue Rex Dumbo
RH Ginger
Black Variberk Rex, Dumbo Carrier
RH Valient
Chocolate Blazed, Bareback Dumbo
RH Clara
Blue Berkshire Patchwork Hairless

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