Presenting: SFR Tritoch

SFR Tritoch, an American Blue Rattie

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
04/01/03 American Blue Self
Standard Coat
Dumbo Ears
He is a nice rattie. He has never bitten and does not act defensive, but he is not a lovey dovey kind of rattie either. He is not a rattie that wants to be cuddled. He gets along fine with his cage mate Elliot. His health has been excellent nothing to report at this time.

UPDATE: 03/03/05 He has developed some breathing problems that antibiotics have not been able to eliminate. He is losing weight, yet seems to be alert and have a good appetite. He may have the beginning stages of heart disease. He will be two years old soon. I notice his breathing problems more when he is sleeping or if he tries to exert himself.

UPDATE: 03/08/05 Tritoch is going downhill fast. I thought I was going to lose him last night, he was struggling to breath and frozen in a hunched position in the bottom of the cage.

I've removed him into a healing unit, where there is soft bedding and the food and water is easier to reach. He seemed better this morning. But old age is finally getting the best of this pretty rattie, and aside from finding the fountain of youth for both of us, I've said my goodbyes and know he will be leaving me for the Rainbow Bridge.

I hope he makes it to his second birthday. He comes from a great SFR line and is survived by his daughter SFR Nimbus Cloud and RDPY Munchkinn, also a son, RDPY Bloobeary.

UPDATE: 03/31/05 Tritoch died today, just one day shy of his second birthday. It was so sad. I found him slouched in his food dish, a favorite place he liked to sit. His cagemate Elliot was very distraught and didn't understand why his friend was not moving anymore. Well, Tritoch, you fathered many beautiful offspring and now you've left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Have fun up there and say, "Hi" to all my rat children already there. Tell them all I love them and miss them.

Pedigree Of: SFR Tritoch of RDPY
BreedAmerican Powder Blue Self, Dumbo, Standard Coat
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
RHR Reflecting The Moon
Blue Berkshire Dumbo
RHR Phantom of the Opera
Black Masked Dumbo
RRR Harley
Silvered Black Halo'd
NWSSR Grease Spot
Black Dalmatian
Silvered Black Dalmatian, Rex, Dumbo
RRR Pugi Pugi
American Blue Masked Dumbo
American Blue Dalmatian Dumbo
NWSSR Kissey Face
Black Dalmatian, Rex, Dumbo
RHR Blue Moon
American Blue Self
HSH Bluejay
American Blue Irish Dumbo
AR Moonshadow
Platinum Hooded Dumbo
SGR Miss Yee
American Blue Berkshire With Headspot, Dumbo
6H Blue Jean
American Blue Self
6H Pearling
Light Mink Self Teddy Rex
6H Georgie Girl
Black Self, Double Rex
IR PermaFrost's Unforgettable
American Blue Agouti Self Dumbo
MRC PermaFrost
Blue Agouti Self Dumbo
MRC Joey Too
Cinnamon Berkshire Dumbo
MRC Joey
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo
RnR Lucent
Platinum Rex Dumbo
AG Disney
Fawn Self
Husky Dilute Agouti
Agouti Berkshire Rex Dumbo
SFR Kiwi
American Blue Self Wavy Rex
DCR Malachi
Black Self Dumbo (carries both blues and mink)
TTR Indigo
American Blue Smoke Self
DCR Molly
Lilac Irish, Dumbo
DCR Bombay Sapphire
Blue Agouti With Headspot, Wavy Rex
MRC PermaFrost
Blue Agouti Self Dumbo
DCR Indy's Lil' Sapphire
Blue Smoke Self, Rex

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