Presenting: RDPY Venus

RDPY Venus

Born On Description Personality/Temperament Health/Illnesses
10/24/02 Beige
Standard coat
Standard ear
With Headspot
Venus is a very loving rattie. She has bonded with me and loves to spend time with me. She likes to travel in my sleeve and peak out. She gives kisses and cleans out my fingernails for me.

On 5/3/2003 she died of a blockage of the bowel. What caused this blockage I don't know. I thought it might have been megacolon. Except she never showed any signs of megacolon during her whole 6 1/2 month lifespan. I had her operated on to remove the blockage, but she never survived the operation. This blockage could have been attributed to some nuts in her diet.

Venus was the most loving and affectionate rattie I've ever had besides Minuette. She used to stand on her hind legs and reach up her paw like hands for me to pick her up. I would put my arm down and she would hug it I and would bring her out to spend time.

Note: 3/01/05 After speaking with several other breeders I've learned there is a form of megacolon that is considered late onset, afflicting ratties between six and eight months old. Therefore, Venus could have had this, and died from it, as several other ratties from these parents had the early form of MC.

Pedigree Of: RDPY Venus
Reg. #040249/F
BreedBeige, Berkshire w/Headspot, Standard Coat, Standard Ear
Tanner of RDPY
Beige, Berkshire, Mismarked, Standard Coat, Standard Ear
Camie of RDPY
Beige, Berkshire, Mismarked Blaze, Standard Coat, Standard Ear
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